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I always wonder why the Clintons were tied to a “Religious” Cult leader, Supreme Master Ching Hai. She also owns Vegan restaraunts all over the world, maybe a front for money laundering? Also, digging through the Panama Papers, seems Clinton’s had connections a lot of connections to Taiwan.



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Kings Romans Casino in Laos is the place. Chinese money laundering and Russian women there.

From cdan

Blind Items Revealed #4 - Mr. Hedge April 18, 2018

About a decade ago, an international criminal ring sourced a great deal of money to fund an investment. This investment has paid off spectacularly for them.

They found a remote corner of an impoverished Asian country, and set up a destination where ultra-wealthy clients could indulge in all sorts of illegal evil. The owners provide all of these things for their clients. They even gave the government a piece of the action.

Child prostitutes, check. Drugs of any kind, check. Other “goods”, which are in specific demand in that part of the world, are openly available in relatively large quantities. Pictures have even popped up very recently.

As a side to all of this, the group also trafficks in endangered animals including bears, tigers and elephants.

International Criminal ring: The Zhao Wei crime network Investment: Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone Destination: "Kings Romans Casino" Endangered animals/"other goods" and harvested organs

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I gave many links about the Golden Triangle on posts about the Thailand soccer team cave rescue.

The original opium drug Lords: East India Company families, American "China Trade" families, Sassoon family, House of Rothschild. Merck, who makes many childhood vaccines, including MMR, made a fortune selling opium based morphine to Americans during the Civil War.

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REUTERS (Rothschild controlled) ARTICLE TELLS ALL. WORLD NEWSJANUARY 31, 2018 / 7:29 AM / A YEAR AGO "U.S. slaps sanctions on Laos Golden Triangle 'casino' in bid to break up narco-empire" https://www.reuters.com/article/us-laos-sanction/u-s-slaps-sanctions-on-laos-golden-triangle-casino-in-bid-to-break-up-narco-empire-idUSKBN1FK1P1 A Trump initiative?

"HONG KONG (Reuters) - The U.S. Treasury Department has slapped sanctions on a gambling empire hacked from the Laotian jungle which it said was involved in drug, human and wildlife trafficking and child prostitution."

"The Blue Shield casino operated by the Kings Romans Group stands in the Golden Triangle special economic zone on the banks of the Mekong river in Laos near the border between Laos, Myanmar and Thailand"

"In a statement posted on Tuesday, the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) identified and targeted four key individuals, including casino owner Zhao Wei, who were part of a network that engaged in “horrendous illicit activities”, it said.

The network stretched from Kings Romans “throughout Southeast Asia”, said Sigal Mandelker, Treasury Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, in the statement.

“OFAC is designating the Zhao Wei network as part of a broader strategy to disrupt the financial infrastructure of transnational criminal organizations that pose a threat to the United States and our allies.”"

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"Vaccines: Gateway Drugs by Design

Pharma has Created its Own Trillion-Dollar Market: A Generation of Chronically Sick Children" https://childrenshealthdefense.org/news/vaccines-gateway-drugs-by-design/

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Mercky history: "History of Merck" http://www.herbmuseum.ca/content/history-merck

"The Discovery of Ecstasy" : http://www.herbmuseum.ca/content/discovery-ecstasy

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[reposting this here with additional commentary]

At this point, I'm starting to believe they torture the children to see who presents PK, ESP, or PSI abilities. Per the CIA's declassified documents, and traditionally understood occult practices, sex would be the least important reason.

PK, Telepathy, PSI would be the most coveted.

Some groups stimulate through sex, other groups stimulate through mind or body torture. They discard the ones who didn't "transform" (MK, Ciccada, etc.)

There is evidence in addition to what I've stated above that GeoEngineering, 5G, Radio/Microwave dosing are also related to provoking adepts to perform. As well as a control and suppression mechanism for people who do exhibit abilities but refuse their programs (all intel agencies are involved, as again, revealed in declassified documents, mainly OSS > NSA > CIA > DIA > DOD and in between, years of Senate Committees passing it on as they left office and sold people out in corporate positions).

Ala, 50s, 60s, 70s X-men, Super Soliders, Mutants programming.

This would give credence to the real reason "bloodlines" or "families" matter, which include the concepts of Zionism from one group, and isolationism/purebloods from the other. Something like say, the Church wanted ordination, while the families proclaimed king/queenship based on blood.

Sex is petty compared to what the CIA/NSA/OSS discovered, and what is/was passed down through occult literature and word-of-mouth through families. And this would also explain the rampant protectionism among those who get caught as "perverts."

Lastly, tie-in Scientology, Rosicrucianism, Phreemasons, all with leaders from within the intel agencies. This includes Religious groups who might practice various forms of "suppression" (abuse) on their own children because they believe the adepts are using the devil's gifts. Scientology specifically even uses language and semantics predicated on "awakening" someone or "clearing" them.


Now consider prostitution as a weapon or means of production. A known subject is given the chance of a lifetime to sleep with a women of their dreams. How many children are born to sex-trafficking victims? What if the child belongs to a bloodline? The women are paid more or are let go somehow?

Anyhow, my unfortunate point is baby-farming is real, and this other than religious cults, is the easiest way to procure new product.

Golden Triangle has been under investigation since the 50s per declassified documents. Japan (never in the news since Abe went silent) has a lot of banks, too.

This addition is a bigger leap than the other statements, but the correlations are there based on legislation, bills, patents, and declassified documents.

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Golden triangle is much much bigger than trafficking. One of Obama's last official trips was being the first sitting president to visit Laos, 300km south of the triangle. This is the last visit where he's not meeting with groups of world leaders or obligated to matters of state, so the significance of this cannot be understated. He was shoring up assets to weather the coming storm.

Sanctions to the kings romans casino were on january 31 2018

Q 710 feb 10 2018 Clown black op sites. Asia. Goodbye. Q

Q also indicates that North Korea's acquisition of nuclear weapons was moved through the golden triangle network. A (Y) is formed at the intersection of the borders of Laos Myanmar and Thailand, this is where the center of the golden triangle is located.

U1 – CA – EU – ASIA – IRAN/NK Iran Deal. (Y) What does it mean to be covered in gold? Can you locate one other pic w/ Y head covered in gold? What does this represent? /_\ THE SUM OF ALL FEARS. Q

What if NK had miniature nuke payload delivery in 2004? What if NK had ICBM capability since 2009? U1 - CA - EU - ASIA\NK. Iran deal.

I believe that the sanctions and subsequent Thai soccer operation took out the heart of the cabal's Asian capabilities and dislodged blockades which allowed North Korean peace. Everything from sanctions, to blackops casino raid, to nuclear missile launches(Japan, Hawaii, Seattle), to the Thai soccer operation, all occurred between Jan-June 2018 and culminated in the first meeting between Kim and Trump. This was their WWIII play and the golden triangle was an integral link in that chain.

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Found this very interesting about A Cooper

Cooper and Maisani certainly spent plenty of time together last year, taking a trip to Venice in May and heading out to Bali in July as guests on Eos, the 305 foot sailing yacht owned by Barry Diller and wife Diane Von Furstenberg.

We know how they love to sail on each other's yachts. Usually up to no good. Bali.

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Anderson coopers coverup of sandy hoax... He seems to be in the inner circle.. The children , their older selves, of sandy hoax were wheeled out to sing at the super bowl.. Mkultra networks.

Why have they made it too obvious..for us to find out Is it some kind of cleansing ritual..by revealing their methods in our faces They r trying to confirm with the public their evil games..

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Have you seen this? Another amazing report on the Sandy Hook Students. I am convinced they are alive. At least these are.


People still believe our govt. wouldn't lie. Ridiculous.

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