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Yes, similar and could be an older version, but the lettering is off.

My guess is the final letters on the pillowcase are ERA so not a match with Hotel Green Grass.

Is that an accent mark above the final A or just a messy print job?

Accent marks could help identify the language/countries and then countries narrowed down to those that have palm trees.

Vietnamese would be one candidate. It uses a lot of accent marks:

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Looks like a messy print job, to me. And it looks like the top of an "S" to the right of it. I posted both hotel pics in reply to the Europol Tweet on this image.

I can't really tell if the lighter green at the bottom is part of the image on the pillowcase, or if it's a separate green blanket or something.

Also, what has been whited out? I'm almost afraid to ask. Kinda looks like a little bit of hair at the top of the white stuff in the center. But it's a weird shape for a head. And what's the brown stuff?

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what has been whited out? I'm almost afraid to ask.

My thought exactly. I wondered if it was a blood smear.

The brown thing I think must be part of the pillowcase design or they would have whited it out too, but what is it? My first thought was that it was a heart-shaped balloon.

The green thing at the bottom seems like part of the pillowcase design too. Notice on the left that it's outlined in the same darker green as the rest of the design.