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The police have investigated an extensive sexual offense where children have been sexually exploited and where the suspects have also had and spread imagery where children are used.

Among the material that has been brought into Finland is very serious violence against children. During a press conference in Vantaa on Wednesday, the Central Criminal Police told us that there are materials where children have been mutilated or murdered.

The seized material is described by the police with the concept: CAM material. It is an English abbreviation of child abuse material, that is, material that deals with child abuse.

  • Despite the fact that CAM material has been acquired for sexual purposes, the emphasis is on the use of force. Some of the exploits have been filmed for live broadcasts, so it has been possible to follow the crime on the Internet in real time. Also, some of the Finnish victims have ended up in the live broadcasts, says investigator Criminal Commissioner Sanna Springare in the police's press release.

The police have seized 138 devices, and only the main suspect had over 400 hours of illegal video material. The seized data amount is 96 terabytes.

Five suspects in Finland There are five suspects in Finland, one of whom is described as the main suspect. The suspected crimes have been committed between 2004 and 2018 and there are six victims, all of them boys.

The youngest victims, at the time of the suspected crimes, had not yet begun school, the elders were in high school.

In order to protect the identity of the victims, the Central Criminal Police will not reveal in which locations the suspected crimes have been committed.

Criminal commissioner Sanna Springare during a press conference in Vantaa today. Investigator, criminal commissioner Sanna Springare during the police press conference. Photo: Lehtikuva / Heikki Saukkomaa According to the police, the suspects have brought in, shared and received material with sexual exploitation of children. Some are also suspected of using children.

  • In the mildest cases, the crimes committed in Finland are about showing adult pornography for children. In the worst case, a drug child has been raped for ten hours, says Springare.

The suspected crimes are grossly sexual exploitation of children, gross rape, gross dissemination of video material where children are exploited, images and possession of large numbers of such images.

Among the crimes are also drug crimes and visits to a pornographic performance. Sometimes children have been taken with methamphetamine.

There are 22 police reports and a total of 70 suspected crimes. Some of them have been barred.

The entire investigation has been submitted to the prosecutor.

The suspects are free The crime investigation has touched 17 countries. The entire investigation started in autumn 2017 after the police received a tip from foreign authorities.

The police came to the suspects on the track with the help of picture material. Four of them were arrested at some stage of the investigation. Currently, they are free.

An exceptional crime in Finland This type of crime is not common in Finland, especially Christian Jämsén, Chief Inspector of the Central Criminal Police.

  • In Finland, it is very exceptional and rough, but from an international perspective it is quite common.

It is also difficult to say if this type of crime has become more common in Finland. According to Jämsén, the police receive annually a thousand reports of sex offenses where the victims are children. The biggest problem is that many cases are not reported to the police.

-The cases discovered come to the police's knowledge another way than through the victim itself or its neighbor. It can be a social worker or any other outsider who reports the case.

Chief Inspector Jämsén reminds that it is very important to talk to their children about the dangers that can be found online and how to react best in such situations. It is also important to talk about the subject in a way that does not taboo it.

Sources: Central Criminal Police, Yle Uutiset

The article was updated at 18:45. The word child pornography has been replaced by the wording '' image material where children are exploited ''. The article was completed at 19:16 with comments by Chief Inspector Christan Jämsén from the Central Criminal Police.


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Four of them were arrested at some stage of the investigation. Currently, they are free.

Sigh. 96 terabytes of data, child rape, torture and murder and these evil pricks are out on bail? They should be stretching on a damn rack.


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the Central Criminal Police told us that there are materials where children have been mutilated or murdered.

We need to save this info. There are still people who say snuff films don't exist.


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Norwegian police reports from Operation Dark Room contain similar evidence.

Check out the ritual abuse link, too, in the Totality post.


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An exceptional crime in Finland This type of crime is not common in Finland, especially Christian Jämsén, Chief Inspector of the Central Criminal Police.

This is a lie. What he means is that it usually gets swept under the rug.


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All they have to do is say they're Muslim and they'll get off scot free.


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Remember the politician and two journalists who got shot on Sun 4 Dec 2016 in Finland, they said it was a random shooting but maybe they had information and got killed for it.



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Sounds very believable when you look at the motives. "None". These people are sick and will do anything to continue.


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Here's an article in English from Reuters.

Finnish police uncover child abuse video network: https://archive.is/VlRyy

March 27, 2019

HELSINKI (Reuters) - Finnish police have uncovered a child abuse ring in which suspects filmed boys as young as six being sexually abused in Finland and then distributed and exchanged footage over the internet, the National Bureau of Investigation said.

Chief investigator Sanna Springare said the investigation spread to 17 Western countries, most of them European, without elaborating.

The investigators said five men had been arrested on suspicion of violently abusing and raping their victims - six boys aged six to 15 who were sometimes sedated - over the course of 14 years between 2004 and 2018.

“The mildest form of abuse that took place in Finland was showing adult porn to a (child) victim and the worst was raping a drugged child for 10 hours,” she said.

The main suspect is accused of leading the men in producing footage which they distributed internationally, sometimes on live internet broadcasts, in order to receive similar material from other countries in exchange, police said.

The illegal material received from abroad and redistributed by the Finnish ring included footage of a child being killed during the abuse, the investigation team said.

Springare declined to give details about the suspects or places where the crimes had taken place, to protect the victims’ privacy.

The police will now hand the case over to the prosecutor who will consider whether to bring charges against the suspects.


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Sick of this crap. When is it ever going to end?


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When Christ returns. Not a moment before.


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I know I'm just so sick of waiting and seeing this evil thrive


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Case was also including satanism and the main suspect is the drug dealer for the finnish celebs.


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