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I'm scared shitless to even start combing through this, but I will do it. For the children and for my 2 little ones. Wish me luck for I will not come out the same person I am now..



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I discovered Qanon long after discovering the world was run by Satanists. So for me, this entire subject (Pizzagate, etc.) falls into the category of potential "confirmation bias." Seeing the rest of the world catch up seems almost too good to be true.

For the entirety of this uncovering (apocalypse) I have been thinking; Thessalonians 5:3-7 "For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape."


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i discovered pizzagate with no other exposure to this sort of "conspiracy". Blew my mind, and when I mentioned it to my friend who was into all this..he just laughed like "bro...you dont know the half of it". As mind blowing as p/gate was...he was right


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All you have to do is show someone the paintings and other artwork the podestas own and they’ll bite. Just don’t tell them who owns that stuff until after they agree pizzagate is real.


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Same with the Paul VI Audience hall.

If you show them the snake headed building and the baphomet statue, they see it.

If you start by saying it is Catholic, they can't see it. It is a great confirmation bias test.


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All you have to do is show someone the paintings and other artwork the podestas own and they’ll bite. Just don’t tell them who owns that stuff until after they agree pizzagate is real.

Yep. One of my favourite ways to redpill. I let people do a google image search for 'Tony Podesta art', and then explain that until today none of the Dems took issue with that art collection, but they went there and had a good time.


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4ch - https://archive.is/J6CYe and https://archive.is/JuVa7 and https://archive.is/qn6JH

8ch - https://archive.is/lQ5I5 and https://archive.is/jCH3M

images - https://archive.is/IhU0f and https://archive.is/0jTgo and https://archive.is/s5cHP and https://archive.is/Hduws and https://archive.is/qX7dl and https://archive.fo/UkxfD and https://archive.fo/vH6nS and https://archive.fo/Jpbkw and https://archive.fo/XHIpS and https://archive.fo/10Qgh and https://archive.fo/KRhJ6 and https://archive.fo/RysGf and https://archive.is/5kuuk and https://archive.is/4qjhg and https://web.archive.org/web/20190327140045/https://imgur.com/f3eM1Hr and https://web.archive.org/web/20190318213243/https://imgur.com/ynnCE2x

webofslime - https://archive.is/ixM2T and https://archive.is/OoIa4 and https://archive.is/ZOv2y

eddit - https://archive.is/Vhyjb and https://archive.is/oYQaB and https://archive.is/CxrjC and https://archive.is/9aFJt and https://archive.is/gtiOk and https://archive.is/X8BtP and https://archive.is/e7UJh and https://archive.is/da4vw

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eddit - https://archive.is/qU4jF

blogspot - https://archive.is/GuIaY


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Thanks for posting this compilation!

In the law, the totality of the circumstances test refers to a method of analysis where decisions are based on all available information rather than bright-line rules.[1] Under the totality of the circumstances test, courts focus "on all the circumstances of a particular case, rather than any one factor".[2] In the United States, totality tests are used as a method of analysis in several different areas of the law.[3] For example, in United States criminal law, a determination about reasonable suspicion or probable cause is based on a consideration of the totality of the circumstances.[4]



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Unfortunately, I now have to give this submission the "Potential Security Risk" flair, Slime, since you admitted you are collecting the IP addresses of those who visit your site and cross-comparing them with databases of leaked personal information posted by hackers as described in your own words:

So, if a person who visited my site from /v/pizzagate has the same OS, Device, etc, also has the same listed in the credentials of the first attacks, we can further narrow down the list of likely suspects. It appears started with their basic probes on their home PC, then switched to remote attacks when they turned up nothing.

Personally, I don't make any attempt to track. This is Google doing this to you. I could implement a much more detailed tracking of visitors, if I wanted to, but I really don't want to do that to people. Whoever scanned my site probably noticed that I don't really have any kind of back end and likely thought that my knowledge was limited, rather than just trying to keep it simple and safe.

My next step is to confirm any location data I can find from people who came to my site. That merely means running all of your usernames through my database which is huge.

People need to know that if they visit your site, they are exposing themselves to surveillance.


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Since you elected to continue including fake news sources in among your 88 links, Slime, I'm going to leave this up on the board with a "Possible Disinfo" flair so folks know to proceed with caution.


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It looks fixed. ;)


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Yeah, he finally came back and took some of the fake news sites out. Unfortunately, he has also admitted to capturing Voat users' IP addresses and cross referencing them with hacked site data, so I have to give this a "Potential Security Risk" flair. He doesn't seem to understand Voat at all.


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I literally haven't had time to do an edit, today.


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Wow I entered this thread thinking "Yep, I already know all this..." Casually scrolling through, "yep, yep, yep, nothing new he... "cannibal hangout" ... on the clearweb? Wat...

ZambianMeat, just the list of Registered users you KNOW every single one of these people is fucked in the head... user names like "Rubberapron"

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