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Fantastic work.

Researcher @sharpedge42 on twitter has done an excellent amount of work on Subud over the last few years as well. They primarily post on twitter. You can find all their posts on Subud here - and archived here.

Acording to them, Subud was also linked to the McMartin case.

I also wrote about Subud and it's links to Gurdjieff, John G. Bennet, Esalen, etc in this post.

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Thanks for those links, 9217, take care!

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Wanted to add that it's fascinating to see the links to the CIA that you've documented. Were you aware of Subud's ties to British intelligence as well, via John Bennet as mentioned in my previous comment?

Overall, as a take-away from all of this, the fact that these obscure cults are the focus of so much intelligence agency attention, as well as ritual abuse, tells us that we are running into dead ends if we only look for ritual abuse where we see pentagrams and "satanism" in a typical sense. The groups involved often exist totally outside the judeo-christian aesthetic and religious symbology. #justsaying

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You too!

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What can you say when doug Valentine and Wayne Madsen are mentioned in the same post?Great work never knew about the east west center, even though I read Valentine's book on the Phoenix program. Great research.

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Subud is connected to the Laurel Canyon music scene via one of the Byrds.

Subud —> Byrds —> David Geffen, Paul Rothschild, Charles Manson.

UCLA is absolutely INFESTED with CIA.

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Glad you saw that, Madsen also mentioned the Byrds connection in his book, I should have written about it

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This is an incredible amount of research you've put together here, @SurviveandHeal. I am going to give the first installment the "Important" flair and sticky it, to encourage people to dig in. It's well worth the read. An excellent dive into much of our past research, as well as new stuff to investigate.

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Thanks so much Vindicator!!

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Thanks so much Vindicator, I really appreciate it! Definitely wanted to get this info out to this forum of folks, figured that was the best bet for this information. Thanks for all your work!!

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The way you formatted with the cross links between submissions made it really easy to read. A challenging task well done. :-)

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Pay dirt.

I suspect some of those Vietnamese refugees ended up getting trafficked. After all, the ports are a chief route for sex trafficking.

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Excellent lead, DK.

The Wikileaks Subud search included this cable, which lists Tarzie Vittachi as a Subud member contact at the United Nations regarding a request for transport of South Vietnamese refugees to Indonesia.

Varindra Tarzie Vittachi was the Deputy Executive Director of External Relations of the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF). Here he is in a UN World Chronicle video interview: https://www.unmultimedia.org/avlibrary/asset/2109/2109913/

He was one of Subud leader Bapak's executive assistants. From "A Life in Subud" by Raymond van Sommers: http://www.undiscoveredworldspress.com/lifestwo.pdf Archive: https://archive.is/wtiMD#selection-14385.33-14385.41

On the spiritual side Bapak nominated two North American helpers to work beside ISC [International Subud Committee] in Toronto and four others to advise Varindra Vittachi, who would be ‘Bapak’s assistant on organisational matters.

Edit to add:

Vittachi's NY Times obit: https://www.nytimes.com/1993/09/18/obituaries/varindra-vittachiceylonese-journalist-and-un-aide-69.html Archive: https://archive.is/Wu2Bf


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Do you think its possible this cult had involvement in the Vietnam War? Some of those countries are smack dab in the Golden Triangle, a MAJOR drug and sex trafficking (half of the victims being underage).

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Thanks for making this sticky Vindicator!! Glad folks appreciate it!

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I'm just starting to dig in on this. Well compiled.

Curious if there are any Canadian connections to observe?

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Didn't see anything specifically Canadian, but that doesn't mean its not there

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