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I wonder if the lost evidence includes some videos or photographs of maybe a famous politician or some other important or powerful person.

Ya Think? I propose that it is a huge possibility. Also the CPP that was made from those horrid rapes could possibly have been made for those politicians among others. Operation Cathedral. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Cathedral

Operation Cathedral was a police operation that broke up an international child pornography ring called The Wonderland Club operating over the Internet. It was led by the British National Crime Squad in cooperation with 13 other police forces around the globe,[1] who arrested 107 suspects (almost all simultaneously) across 12 countries on 1 September 1998. Seven UK-based men were convicted for their part in the ring in 2001.[2][3][4][5][6][7][8][7][9][10][11][12][13][14][15][16][4][17]

One reason for the high profile of the operation was the unusually high number of images involved possessed and produced and distributed by Wonderland Club: 750,000 images with 1,200 unique identifiable faces. Despite substantial work by many of the agencies involved only a very small number of those appearing in the images have been identified. A total of 16 out of 1,263 different children depicted were identified: One from Chile, one from Argentina, 13 from either the United States or the United Kingdom, and one from Portugal. The Portuguese national was identified as Rui Pedro Teixeira Mendonça, an 11-year-old boy kidnapped in Lousada on March 4, 1998 and whose whereabouts are currently unknown.[18]

I am not saying this is it in actuality but I would not be surprised. I researched The Wonderland Club in Mo. and am convinced it is still in operation somewhere. Certainly with such a lucrative business and International Faction could also still be operating. Just a thought. Snuff Films were part of Operation Cathedral as well. Yep it is sick.


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How """""convenient"""""


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There is literally a video game about this: https://archive.org/details/unteralterbach


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They hide behind incompetence. I don't buy their bullshit.

First of all suitcases don't go missing. It was stolen or destroyed. Someone committed a fucking crime, and the rest of the police are either ignorant or covering it up. No one could be that ignorant, so they're all complicit in this cover up, either through cowardice or active participation.

Secondly, if back-ups are standard procedure who was in charge of reviewing and then backing up the files? Someone (or perhaps multiple people) should be fired for screwing up so badly.

That's not going to happen. So evidence is stolen or destroyed, and not one person on that police force did their fucking job and backed up the data. And the police move on as though they did nothing wrong.



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To me it seems odd to keep every bit of evidence all in the same container


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I imagine there was a giant lit-up arrow pointing to it that said "evidence" too, so the bad guys could find it and steal it more easily.


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What I wouldn’t give for an hour alone with each of these fucks. I’d be willing to bet I could get some names out of them.


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And yet police never seem to "lose" data when some one says something mean about migrants .


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Unfortunately most people in the west still have a good image of the police in which they believe that the main function of that institution is to protect and serve the public and to catch criminals of all kind. No, the main function of the police, whether the policemen know it or not, has been and will always be, to protect and serve the powers that be which is why you will see how quickly a policeman (not all of course) will turn on a citizen as soon as their bosses tell them to. Look at France right now for example and the Yellow Vest protests, that gives you a good insight of what the police is all about, to protect the government who are the real criminals from any backlash from the law-abiding citizens, the ones they are suppose to protect.

Any policing they do is usually against low-level criminals, criminals with little to no power and that's only to feed the public the illusion that the police is there to catch the criminals and uphold the law. It's total bullshit which is why news like this is not suprising at all. It's obvious that the German police destroyed all the evidence because i'm 100% positive that the proof that the police destroyed had footage or some link to a high-level politician or politicians, or someone else who is of importance.


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Yes, so true. Germany is an absolute mess and few people seem to be aware of this fact. France.....a total lost cause with the little freemason nutbar at the helm.


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The job of the police ie policy enforcement officers is to enforce policy ..not to protect citizens..over the govt..

What is the policy..? It is an insurance policy.. The word constitution means someone who shifts debt onto a third party ie surety , which is the individual that volunteers to participate via the vote into the insurance game.. Constitutions dont give rights ..they only guarantee it via statutues (con stitutare) Citizens are city denizens..ie city merchants.. In medeival times these city denizens were given licence to trade by the regis or king ...they formed a surety pool for their trade anf paid the sovereign taxes from their trade in return for protectiin and security.. Thye also lent money to the kings.

Eventually the sovereign became bankrupt and the merchant guilds engineered revolutions by the 1800s..to gain the colateral of the bankrupt kings..thencollateral was thencommodity the regis was licenced by Rome to be trustee of ..that is our birth trusts..ie ur name.. In the modern world by 1930s..the corporations run by these guilds ..freemasonry being the deep state..hell fires club , skullnand bones etc...bankrupted the whole world...and know the surety of the whole trading system became our consent to trade our bodies or labour.. This is the social security system..

We became the contributors of the surety pool..given vote to select the managment of this surety pool under an insurance policy known as constitution.. This backed the national debt which is a perpetual system of credit or promise to pays...its actually failutr to pay records as there is no money in the system accept for our consent to create a fictional promise to pay .. When ur coffee shop charges u 5 dollars for a cup of coffe..and u pay with credit or central bank ios ..u r not paying u r shifting the debt u owe to the coffee shop onto a third party ie the surety pool..and its banking system to promise to pay in the future..ie u failed to pay so the insurer steps in and discharges for u.. Now who insures the govt ...it is ur indiviudual name.. Google : what is namium U or ur parents lent ure consent into the system of debt in return for the services , including security of rights that when u turn 18 ..u consent to directly via use of the debt currencybsystem and licence system for the city denizens

Thr police are enforceing thr policy that ensures that when their is a statutue violatiin the charge created is shifted onto the third pary ..the individual who agreed to be insurer viw the social security system .. The point of prison is not to punish people it is to control wage inflation created from the debt system that inflates debt when we create loans or use credit cards..

The prison populace is a slave labour pool..that privides a no cost labour pool to conttol inflation..a voluntary plantation...since when u are charges and asked to undrrstand the chargr ..ie stand under the charge ..u volunteer to be surety to the charge ..and the state provides u the benefit of arrest (rest) in a discharging cell... Ie when a charged battery cell is kept at rest it discharges thencharge over time..ie prison time.. And u pay ur debts to society by providing low cost laboour in prison and the private firms it contrracts with.. Google : prison bonds law merchant

The police r loyal to the constitution ie insurance policy .. ..and to the insurance pool managemt ie govt thst runs the insursnce scheme ..the govt serves the surety but in the interest of the surety pool...

To get out of the jurisdiction of the police..and the insurance game one has to delagate our surety rights outside the national system which is now corrupt..worldwide..controlled and blackmailed by the deep state... The only remedy is realised when one undrrrstsnds all nations are basically licenced roman pirate corporations runnig under licence of papal bull dum diversas...and doctrine of discovery ( to recover assets in christ , romes accoj ting system until Christ re ..turns)..

The only remedy given to us is to reduce the debt of the Roman war corpiration ie the US ..and be surety to the US but withbsurety rights over it as we have reducrd its debt with labour from our birth trust.. The labour of thr birth trusts is the Res of the trust .. ie the comddity that gives valie to the trust.. We lend this Res to the roman crusade war under dum diverrsas and become roman tax collectors ..of the war..

Thisnis what republic means ...res publicanni Publicanni means roman tax collector..

We set up the war game ..and we can get out of it as well


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Police protect their paychecks. That happens to be oligarch/globalists.

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Obstruction of justice.


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Liars! I don't believe that! I call BS on that and I call it destruction of evidence!

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