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Also. People. We need to research what the hell they were doing in Sedona’s john of god center https://unityofsedona.com/crystal-bed-healing-room/

Handled by John of god mistress Elizabeth Dami. She is being accused of rape as well. Look what i found. https://ar.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20100417203751AAaYuUj

“She is into some really witchy dark stuff that appeared satanic! they all wear Black robes, and her eyes look posessed, they carry on rituals when she is in town and it is just creepy! If she needs to do witchcraft she should take it back to Italy! THis woman also tryed to seduce my husband while i was out of town! “

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Thats quite something that they chose Sedona for their ritual meetings. This center has mk ultra written all over it.

My God. Have we uncovered CDANS "Church"?

Geffen, Oprah, Arizona, all the usual suspects and a place mentioned many times in several cdan blinds oft times bordering Utah.

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I was thinking the same thing! Glad somebody else sees it!

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That's what I was thinking too.

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Post a link please

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There was an annual meeting at Sedona, organized by John McCain, and Lynne de Rothschild, IIRC.

Less well known than the Bilderberg meeting, but many say at least as important.

Sedona Forum

The Sedona Forum is the institute’s annual high-level gathering of national and international leaders held each spring at the Enchantment Resort in the red-rock country of Sedona, Arizona.

The forum convenes global leaders, decision-makers, high-level executives, activists, and diverse experts to discuss solutions to real-world problems—all from the starting assumption of character-driven leadership and core democratic values.

Previous guests have included Vice President Joe Biden, Ben Affleck, former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The McCain Institute publishes an “Agenda for Action” reflecting the ideas discussed during the forum.

Each year, the forum identifies a theme broad enough to incorporate a variety of views and produce practical recommendations.

The 2013 forum focused on “How to Promote Freedom and Democracy Effectively.” Vice President Biden headlined the event, taking part in conversation with Senator McCain on national and international issues, from gun control to immigration to the global economy.


@letsdothis3 @ASolo @AppliedAspergers

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Sedona is a New Age hotspot, known as an 'energy vortex', and I'm sure a beautiful spot.

It would be interesting to know when the John of God center was active and when de Faria himself visited there.

Apparently there's a big intersection between Globalism and the New Age. There was guy in the UK, Benjamin Creme, who promoted Maitreya, a New Age Christ to replace all religions living incognito in London. Sounds like a crackpot but...

The spiritual thrust of SI [his magazine Share International] is clearly obvious in each issue that is published. Despite this fact, or perhaps because of it, SI has a long list of prominent, well respected international diplomats, religious leaders and political figures who have had articles published in this magazine.

They include articles written by:

  former UN Secretary General Boutros Boutros-Ghali

    present Secretary General Kofi Annan

    former President of Ireland Mary Robinson

    Gro Harlem Brundtland who is director-general of the World Health
    Organization and former Prime Minister of Norway

    the Dalai Lama

    recently even Britain’s Crown Prince Charles

Even though the average man off the street would most likely dissolve into hysterical laughter upon being presented with the beliefs of Creme and Share International, it is easily shown that this magazine is well-respected and taken seriously by many influential members of the Global Elite.


Creme promoted the Theosophist tradition.

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Thats quite something that they chose Sedona for their ritual meetings. This center has mk ultra written all over it.

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Was JoG at Enchantment resort? Did events actually happen there? I knew of the yearly meetings there and wonder if they coincide. Thoughts?

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While it wouldn’t surprise me to find that this Elizabeth character is into some creepy stuff, the woman who claims to be her neighbor has spelled Sedona as “Sadona”. The town is Sedona (with an E), Arizona. I find it questionable that she cannot spell such an integral part of her address correctly. Any idea when this was posted? I couldn’t find a date.

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Or it's an intentional misspelling. SADona.

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The E is not so far away from the A in the keyboard. That was written in a hurry by just a regular angry housewife.

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A taskforce has been set up to look into the allegations by Bittencourt and Maria do Carmo.

This article shows Bittencourt's video about JOG.

Another article about the fact JOG kept sex slaves and sold their babies.

girls between the ages of 14 and 18, mostly black and low income, would have been used as sex slaves.

This article says he sold babies for up to $70,000 each.

Your first link is interesting, especially because it has firsthand accounts from some of his victims and workers at the center. That second piece is attempting to excuse his raping of women because 'high sex drive goes with spirituality'. One of the commenters says this:

JoãoTeixeirae Faria besides raping young girls he gives also order to other to kill people.

“Why don’t you go to the authorities in the town and tell them what it is going on at the Casa”? He replied: “It’s no point. All are taking bribes to keep quite. Pousadas (small hotels) where people are dead don’t say nothing”

How many people that have died at The Pousadas. They do not say anything about it.

I've read in other articles that JOG had a bunch of henchmen bullies who would go around threatening people if they said bad things about him. I wouldn't be surprised if he carries through with the threats.

From this article about what's been going on in Abadiania:

  • I have heard about the murder in Abadiania, that happened a few years ago, the reporter from Australian TV mentions it in JOG documentary

  • ex-hustler star and the founder of Barely Legal Magazine that is exploiting young girls is representing John Of God all over the world, read more about our beloved angelic Miss Thackray here

  • John Of God did not mind that he was publicly represented by Gail Thackray as an event organizer...an ex Hustler centerfold, she has the largest collection of porn images in the world called Falcon images and also she is a co-owner of Barely Legal porn franchise where they film 18 years old girls in porn movies…..just google her. She was a close partner with Larry Flint…read more about her in the link above……She was also producing porn movies and act in soft porn movies

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John Of God did not mind that he was publicly represented by Gail Thackray as an event organizer...an ex Hustler centerfold, she has the largest collection of porn images in the world called Falcon images and also she is a co-owner of Barely Legal porn franchise where they film 18 years old girls in porn movies…..just google her. She was a close partner with Larry Flint…read more about her in the link above……She was also producing porn movies and act in soft porn movies

Yes, I'm currently writing a post about her.

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Thanks for the post. Have you searched what is going on in Sedona? There is a john of god center and they use cristals, there is a comment that they horrible things in there.

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He has/had a crystal healing room and a center in Sedona. One of the commenters in your link said that the center had a large perimeter fence with pyramids or triangles. She said they were phallic.

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there is a comment that they horrible things in there.

Have you got a link for that ?

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You double posted this on v/news: https://voat.co/v/news/3032029/16734245/10#16734245

I'll copy my comment from there:

I've run into this blog too and posted the link on v/pizzagate. This has allegations of sexual abuse and rape of women and young girls and even mentions children. The blog is from 2008 but allegations in comments come down to the present day. The allegations sound plausible and credible.

Someone chimes in that they know Portuguese and if the allegations are true how come there is nothing on Brazilian websites. There's a mention that there were allegations in Brazil but they were scrubbed from the web. I think the timeline for this would be around 2009.

According to comments other males at the Casa also participated in sexual abuse of female seekers and to threaten would-be whistleblowers.

A seeker came to the Casa at great expense and effort, sensed the negative vibes, and was on the next bus out.

JdD had a center in Sedona Arizona which had a sexual scandal and suit:


Why is the John of God Casa Inc. And Elisabetta Dami being sued? County of YAVAPIA # V1300CV201180393

Defendant Elisabetta Dami accused of Fraud,extortion,Bribery , sexual assault . Criminal conduct is said to have taken place at personal residence and Commercial property" John of God Casa" both owned by Elisabetta Dami.

This also gives the history of the recent revelations. A Dutch model went to the Casa, got abused by JdD, and decided to speak up on social media. Here is one of her accounts:


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Someone chimes in that they know Portuguese and if the allegations are true how come there is nothing on Brazilian websites.

The few comments that I've seen from Brazilians all say that they are afraid for their own safety when they post.

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This is all SRA stuff. So i insist, we need to find out what they did to the babies. Thats why Bittencourt was murdered.

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I actually logged in tonight to post the most 'far-out' allegations from Dangerous Diane's blog:

John of ? Is a fraud , pedifile, evil soul... More importantly is his Adgenda... He together with the Russian Government are moving now in creating and colonizing a hybrid race to try and become a superpower by 11/11/11. They are interbreeding young Brazilian girls with a Dangerous Alien race! The US will do nothing to intervene cause many of them are part of the entire plot.

Certian Crystals are being Actvated by the Alien threat and placed in locations that are instrumental in enlisting the masses. Approaching or trusting These evil Beings will bring eminent danger..

A young Australian recently went to Brazil for a healing never to return. You will not hear this on the news.. She was never found.. Beware there is a cult center in Sedona Arizona that is called John of God Peace center. Do not enter, or enter at your own risk. This evil must and will be terminated . Protect your self from evil. Speaking out and exposing of this evil and taking the stand to fight back wit love and truth is the only way to end this mass deception for now and our future... Please take a stand in truth and love.. Thank you

. . .

The FBI would have to do the Job they swore to uphold under oath. Hard to believe, but it's true!. Also This Joao demon Is very Clever and Methodical , very well connected , it has been said that he works with the CIA and his other partners such as Drunvalo and Chavez work for the Russian Government. Who can we trust? Joao is definitely a Sexual Predator But his main adgenda along with certain Goverment Officials Globally, protect him. They are Covering up the biggest deception in the history of our planet.... Creating a Hybrid Race , colonizing in many places world wide, working with Bildaburg Groups and many alike , their plan to build a new Hybrid race will fail miserably!!!! But if any Honest soul reads this and will commit to help take down this New Age Evil Cult , I'm on the front lines with you.!!!Let's stop these Evil Tyrants now ! I am remaining Anonymous because I am and will remain on the Front lines. Be not in Fear cause In The present and in the End All Evil Will fall on on their own swords. And shall never return!!!You know who you are.

These appear to be the same person, someone else chimes in later, more sober sounding with better spelling:

In researching this man I stumbled on a person expressing concern (08)over his friend who committed suicide as the friend felt Jon was taking over his mind and he resented the intrusions. The young person was asking about Jon manipulating "fragile" people, meaning he thought his friend must have had mental health issues to think someone was taking over his mind.

I'd like to make this point. Spiritual power cuts both ways.It can be used to help or to hurt.

I have heard of this type of attack before and yes, it is possible and it does not mean the victim is crazy. Many believe that psychic attack can't happen to them if they just believe in Jesus or don't give it space. That also is not true.

There is a reason only a few priests are excorcists.Not all have the gift to deal with it. It takes a great deal of prayer work and blessings to deal with that sort of thing.

I notice some here know but are afraid to spell it out.

The one posting on aliens and such, although it sounds bizarre may be closer to the truth.

You are dealing with unseen things.They can represent themselves as ANYTHING because you can't see them and they can change shape.

These allegations were even more bizarre at the time before we knew about the baby farms. Perhaps the sex slavery and baby trafficking are just side effects, they could have had some occult purpose.

JdD's religion/wordview is all about spirit possession. They could have been breeding these babies with occult rituals to invoke entities to incarnate. Sounds crazy yes, but consider Jack Parson's 'Babalon Working', a rocket scientist essentially doing this same thing.

If you don't like the notion of spirit possession, which is commonplace in Brazil, think of mind control alters or split personalities.

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That's an example of what I would say is mixing falsehoods with reality to make the reality seem ridiculous by association, and thus, dismissed and ignored and then memory-holed. The reality is enough.

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That's an example of what I would say is mixing falsehoods with reality to make the reality seem ridiculous by association, and thus, dismissed and ignored

That's possible. On the other hand: It's not important what we believe to be true, it's important what they believe to be true. Meaning: Maybe they really have the delusion that they can create a mixed race of humans and demons. Who knows?

@angelafogo @girlinashittycountry @ASolo @letsdothis3 @Vindicator

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I'm not suggesting anyone accept these comments at false value. Yes, they could be posted by allies of JdD to discredit this blog. Maybe even pre-emptively squash rumors of the baby farm (but I think it would be odd for them to bring them up/start them). However I take them as genuine and well-meaning although more than a little paranoid.

Occultists have their own reality.

For instance Jack Parsons and L. Ron Hubbard along with Marjorie Cameron, followers of Aleister Crowley, really did engage in a ritual to supposedly open a portal to another world, invoke an archetypical entity, and conceive a magical child. Ridiculous?

Hubbard went on to create Scientology. Crowley's OTO often pops up as a villain on v/pizzagate. These ridiculous beliefs shape our reality.

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This is all Crowley... Again, lets focus on finding what happened to the babies and spreading this information.

[–] sore_ass_losers 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago  (edited ago)

Yes, Crowley. He and JdD are on the same wavelength. JdD was perhaps even more of a Beast. The Seekers at the Casa told JdD 'do what thou wilt' with me, they totally surrendered psychically, including allowing him to cut them in blood rituals!

I'll focus on whatever I want to focus on and comment wherever. Anyway this posting is about allegations in Dangerous Diane's blog.

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This sounds like the plot of the X-Files.

[–] sore_ass_losers 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

The truth is out there!

I think it's somewhere between Mulder and the Amazing Randi. Hey, UFOs are officially real nowadays, as inexplicable flying phenonema that exceed our publicly known capabilities.

In considering JoG, is he a criminal who used occultism to exploit his victims or an occultist who has no problem with criminality? My take is he's the latter. He thinks he's a medium (but no doubt exaggerates his occult powers). I'm willing to entertain the notion he may have had occultist motivations for his criminal acts.

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If you are willing to consider JdD's mindset and consider entity possession (read alters, split personalities, or negative thoughts if you like):

JdD bills himself as 'the entity known as John of God'. He in turn claims to channel Loyola, founder of the Jesuit Order, who was not a famous physician, and two local Brazilian bacteriologists/epidemologists.

Seekers at the Casa see the humble, rural surroundings, the white clothing, the simple non-worldly saint-like guru who works for free, and all the other meditating seekers. They see all the miracles. Christians have a notion that 'Satan can't heal' (although Christ warns about evil people who can 'cast out demons') and think John's 'Deus' is theirs also.

They completely surrender their will to this guy and allow, even hope they will be chosen for this, JdD to perform blood rituals on them if he likes. The blood splashes on their white clothing in an occult ritual.

A lot of these seekers come to realize the Casa is an evil place, that they are saddled with negative entities as a result of their experience there.

I developed this understanding from the following webpage about these issues (thanks to @permindex ):

"Feeling Worse After Seeing or Asking for Help from John of god."

I have heard from people who’s lives have been overwhelmed by pain and hardship since their contact with Jog. I believe that those people are at a place in their evolution where being bound by Reptilian and other Dark energies is not in harmony with their Soul purpose… instead of absorbing those Dark energies peacefully their Souls and Bodies fight back and try to prevent it from happening. These people are literally fighting for their own freedom, and that is why they are under such psychic attacks, challenges, pain and suffering.

I do acknowledge that Jog (the entity) really does let his truth be known if we are willing to just see… he is described as an entity apparently by his own instructions. The whole organization is clear that it is entities that are doing the work. “The entity known as John of god” is how he is described. It is the Humans who have interpreted that or fell for the belief that he/they are of the Light, so we can only blame ourselves if we refuse to see what is in front of us (and I fell for this too).

Hard as it may be to believe but the Dark Entities are fully capable of doing healing too. It is a dangerous assumption to believe that healing only comes from the Light. The Dark has their own agenda which is to prevent your spiritual growth and that is the main reason why they do this… to make sure you are bound tight by invisible Contracts, Implants, Vows, Oaths, Allegiances, being on your committees and councils, and anything else they can get away with in return for the healing. By consenting to the Healing you also consented to all the rest.


Lastly some of the entities are described as 'Grey Aliens', which ties in with the odd alien baby breeding allegations:

As an Energy Healer I have spent a fair amount of time from February 2014 onward removing J.o.g and Reptilian contaminations from people who went to Jog or sought his healing long distance. This page is to share with those interested and particularly other healers that their is another connection that needs to be removed to really free people from the Jog experience. That connection is the Grey Aliens.


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Read a book once on New Orleans....The catholics were ready to set up shop when Spain first discovered America. What did they do to start there in that beautiful city, set up a space for torture. Back then, our founding fathers had a deep distrust of the "papists"....for just such reasons. Now all these years later, it seems to be a prerequisite for the Supreme Court to be a catholic. clarence thomas is a jesuit...no respect for women.

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So they use Amy Biank as a kind of gatekeeper who tries to control the narrative?

In the video @AppliedAspergers linked in his post, she said the workers at the 'Casa' knew what was going on - only the workers, not the guides?

I'm also concerned that some people are now claiming that Amy Biank is the central person who exposed John of God, in order to discredit Sabrina Bittencourt and her work.

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Yes. That is worrying.

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Not a second pizzagate but the answer to the number one debunker question "where are all the victims?".

We always knew victims weren't your regular children but carefully selected children who don't have loving parents who would miss them. That is the role played by the catholic church and others. Access to children in order to act as the procurement arm. They could pick which kids would and would not be missed.

Now we have this John of God story to point to anytime we're asked where are all the victims?

The answer is, everywhere. The 18 year old veteran porn star. How long were they being abused and conditioned for their roles in the porn industry. The victims become prostitutes and pornstars. They are raised like chickens on farms like John of Gods. They are never in the system to begin with so they never become missing persons or statistics. They do not know any other life.

This guy ties the entire Pizzagate/pedogate story together with a bow on top.

Where are all the victims was always the most difficult question to answer. Not anymore. That question has just become the lead-in to the biggest red pill of all on this subject.

Where are all the victims? They are everywhere. Bread especially for the role. Birthed for the role.

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This woman is a joke - and now they push that she was the one who exposed John of God? Haha.

Amy Biank

I have been a guide at the Casa for many years, here is my take on what is happening.

Is Joao (John)highly charged sexually? Yes. Has he taken advantage of his position as a healer to seduce women and girls into allowing him to take sexual liberties? Yes.

Healing and sexual energy go hand in hand. They are the same. It takes great personal strength for a healer to use one and put the other aside. Even good, kind people can be corrupted by the strength of this energy.

That's bullshit. Either you are a decent person, and respect the boundaries of others, or you don't.

It is up to you as a spiritual explorer to develop the life skills to not lose yourself in the energy of a healer and to protect teach those who do not have those skills!

No. It's up to every 'healer' not to be transgressive, and to respect boundaries.

Is the Casa an instrument of financial gain for Joao? No

Thats obviously a lie.*

I know for a fact that Joao does not care about the money the Casa brings in outside of the enormous cost of running such a large enterprise. Once as a tour guide, I handed him $10,000 cash (donations from a large tour) and 5 minutes later I saw a ragged nun leave his office, tears streaming down her face, with the whole wad of cash!

Of course. /s

Are there any "safe" "holy" places in the world? No

You are only as safe as your own poise and discretion can allow.

Is the healing at the Casa a fraud? No

The Casa is a hospital that turns no one away! Thieves, con artists, perverts, the mentally ill, delusional people, stubborn people, egotistical people and people with all physical illness are treated.

Everything is real, nothing is real. God is so loving he allows us the freedom to explore ourselves and our world in any fashion we choose, and always there is the opportunity to heal!

What would I wish for...

I wish for every person in the world to have an adventure, a pilgrimage, a sacred journey. I wish that people would be strong, know themselves, stay in their bodies and make wise choices about their journeys. I wish that people would have the courage to tell the truth to each other and their children without embroidering it with emotional detail. I wish for all people to draw wisdom from experience rather then expression.

I wish for people to not abdicate their human rights for the illusion of safety. I wish for people to be so wise that they can experience life without the need for laws or government.


It's obvious why she doesn't want any laws, isn't it?

She also posted the above on her blog, and people call her out for it: https://archive.is/mV0m4

So Defango on YouTube got it all wrong when he claimed that she was the one who exposed everything, and that she had a blog that called John of God out. The blog in fact was run by someone else, and Amy B. only left a comment, and a shitty one no less.

So why would Defango promote her in this way? I also read a Tweet by a woman who did a video interview with her (not yet posted), and also said Biank 'exposed' John of God.

@angelafogo @girlinashittycountry @ASolo @sore_ass_losers @AppliedAspergers

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Its all full of double faced shillers working for them. Just like in pizzagate. This is why this thing is big. They are scared we see through their smoke screen. Bittencourt was investigating the destiny of the babies and the families that “adopted” them, thats why she got induced into suicide. If the truth gets out the shit will hit the fan.

[–] angelafogo [S] 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

Also Bittencourt specifically stated that the operation was being managed with the help of the spiritual guides. Thats why Amy Bianks was so quick to come up as a saviour. She’s into it deep.

[–] Pcpoet09 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

defango is a trickster he loves leading people down rabbit holes that are dead ends.

[–] think- 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

Well, he obviously fucked up this one.

[–] think- 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago  (edited ago)

Interesting comment from the blog linked in OP:

has anyone heard of the latest scandle of JOG in Sedona - seems he did it again, and the female owner of the centre tried to pay the women off....


So he might have assaulted several women while in Sedona, but only one of them went to the police?

Edit: Found this on the Diane blog in the comment section:

I found the case number on line it's in the county of Yavapia, AZ and the case number is V1 300 CV 2011 80393.


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