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Good thread. Keep looking, watching. I'm sure you understand that it is in EVERYTHING.

"Whoever has ears, let them hear.”

Pizza Esoterica - Pizzagate or The Pizza Gate? Pizza Code in Media

George Lucas/Disney Star Wars is one of THE biggest conditioning tools other than the Wizard of Oz and Alice and Wonderland for the masses in Ambient Mkultra conditioning. There are emotional ques in those original films that have obviously resonated with generations upon generation of people and it's definitely not because of the quality of the movies. Along with many other psychological mechanisms implanted in the movie one of the biggest themes continually hammered home in the entire series is REBELLION against the forces of evil, It is there for a reason so that each and every one of us has that fighting spirit even though they have debilitated us in every other way first through our air, water, food and psychology through entertainment and education. Folks are right here, StarWars was corrupt from the beginning just like all the rest.

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Disney has always been Satanic filth.

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Fuck. They are definitely normalizing satanic names so people will dismiss it when the masses are awakened.

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Imagine going to the store with your kid when they grab the new Star Wars toy off the shelf. Oh the irony of your kid begging you to buy them a toy named after the god of child sacrifice. How no one has made a huge deal out of this is beyond me.

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There is also the move to normalise paedophilia via retconning the erstwhile popular Star Wars character Lando Calarissian as 'pansexual'.

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Disney has ruined Star Wars, forever.

The only Star Wars films I will ever watch is the older ones from before 2000.