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I find one of their last comments to be very interesting.

"Imagine what can be achieved when no one takes credit ".... Good Iuck Swordfish .. ;)

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Indeed! Sounds like Q, doesn't it?

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Still praying something comes of all this.

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In the meantime, how many more children have become victims? How many more will be raped and or die, because the people at the top have not been dealt with? That was posted over two years ago. How many more have suffered terribly because justice is so slow?

Our government used to kill off people in foreign countries to destabilize governments, a horrible practice. A better use for those assassins could be found, no?

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The Pizzagate investigation has redpilled many people about child rape and sex trafficking, and it has given victims strength. Many are lurking here.

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I hear you, swordfish. What did you think of that Imgur album?

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Reagan had a poster over his desk in Oval Office with a very similar quotation.

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Great find patriot

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Q was the one who sent reddit posters to this website last year.

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Pizzagate was banned from Reddit on 11/22/2016 and migrated to Voat, GodsAngell. We were investigating this stuff long before Q made his presence known to citizen investigators. The story can be found here.

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I didnt know that, keep learning daily. Been folliwer since 10/28/17

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Hi Vindicator. Thanks for this great post. I believe the connection to the vampire myth is absolutely correct and i understand everyone scepticism about it. The evidence about it is frankly overwhelming. Most mentions about a a "Fountain of Youth" (do your own search on bunnyears.com, macaulay's website you will be surprised) imply it specifically. They drain blood from the young for its consumption.

Podesta mentions it in the live news https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6t6GGit9R4

I believe most myths regarding jews eating babies are based on these practices made by the Cabal Elite. Which were misinterpreted as being associated to jews (and also gypsies).

Also i am written a thesis about the whole Food of the Gods and Ambrosia myth being an metaphor for cannibalism. I believe through history cannibalism has been a deep part of the Secret Elite Societies (which have changed their name, but not their practices or purposes). I have expressed several times how Diary of Madmen from Lu Xun tried to reveal this and then the establishment made an effort to disguise it as social criticism. I have found that this blood draining and brain eating practices have probably started in Ancient Egypt under the rule of the Pharaohs. The following is a great blog about the subject. http://bibleforzombies.blogspot.com

Right now. Cannibalism and blood drinking is fully being endorsed by science.

The only cool thing about all these revelations is that Pizzagate investigators can now define themselves as Vampire Hunters ;)

Lets bring light unto them and destroy them!

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The only cool thing about all these revelations is that Pizzagate investigators can now define themselves as Vampire Hunters ;)

I like your attitude, AF. :-)

Because of the massive amount of shilling I've dealt with over the past two years I can tell you with 100% confidence that they are pushing disinfo on this topic with more force than possibly any other. My suspicion is that they are covering something real -- such as parabiosis for longevity + sick ritual use of blood a la Spirit Cooking -- by swamping the topic with tons of crazy-ass stuff no one can ever back up with solid evidence.

Stuff that is designed to distract people with BS, stretch the Overton Window of disbelief and make them more susceptible to shills.

If you look at the history of EsotericShade, you will see that those who fell for his manipulations were those who bought into the tantalizing adrenochrome/blood harvesting storyline, which was pushed by major Hollywood figures as well as shills here.

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I understand your points, and yes, distraction has been a method for shillers. But another method has been to make everyone appear like loonies. "so now, you believe in vampire?". Lately also, we have seen shillers disguising themselves as sadists "i would love to get one of those pedos in a room with my blowtorch". The whole idea is to delegitimize investigation by making it sound, well,crazy. The vampire storyline serves as a well placed bait for anybody willing to delve into mumbo jumbo shillery. That does not mean it is not real, it just means it sells to a naive public. The main problem i have found with the vampire storyline is that it has been hidden by the same people who has fought against it. Its a conundrum. The practice has been hidden because nobody wants people to know that drinking blood from the young actually works for health. It would be dangerous. And thats why i have found that scholars go around it, not mentioning directly but giving just enough hint to understand what they are talking about.

Take a look at this and compared it against Podesta's fountain of youth video. https://bunnyears.com/moved-offices-barge-international-waters-amanda-mannen/ and then https://bunnyears.com/blood-type-diet-carolyn-burke/

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What stuns me every single time is the media’s spin of something clearly awful as positive. For example, “Research has found that child’s blood may hold the secret to the fountain of youth.” Then they explain how youthful blood has restorative properties, blah, blah... And those sleeping fools go “Wow, how interesting”! Not realizing exactly what the implications are. It’s just one more question these people need to ask and they don’t. Why do intelligent people (I know a lot of them) just accept and move on, never thinking about the consequences of the research or policies being pushed?

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Just the fact that man stream media and those in positions to reveal and/or combat these horrors have either gone silent, muddied the waters, or outright rubbished these nightmarish realities, speaks volumes. This thing is ancient and goes deeper and higher up than so many of us can believe. God help us all.

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good points

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Thanks for posting your post & blog.

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another notable item in the imgur album was a Florida pan-handle school for troubled boys where 100 died - only about 50 bodies recovered, though. I looked it up on the map, and its only maybe an hour from Tallahassie - where the Finders Cult kids were found filthy in that park

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It was located near the Marianna Army Airfield, which was rumored to be an MKU programming site. Tyndall AFB (destroyed in Hurricane Michael 2018) is also located close by. It's all related.

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If you've got some good links, add them to your comment! We need to cross reference our past research with whatever was being leaked in these posts.

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This makes total sense. Why wouldn’t Q & company try a few times to get this out? Sometimes you have to try different ways to get peoples attention. Plus I think it’s interesting to think crumbs were left elsewhere for the talented Anons to find which shed new light. Hindsight is 20/20 because it’s all a bit clearer in retrospect. Finding that out ALL the time these days. Thanks for sharing!

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Digital army.

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I'm wondering now if JA in all the early Q posts were James Alefantis and not Jillian Assuage as many of us thought it was. It would make sense as to why Jillian was never freed. I dont have the time now to research this but will look at the post later in this light.

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Definitely worth revisiting the Q leaks with that thought in mind!

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I did a quick search on old Q posts and it does appear JA is Jillian Assuage. But I can see this post has lots to be investigated

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5:5. Big duh for us. I'm going to 'smartly' get over how chagrined I feel at having been so caught up in despair that I failed to see the crumbs laid out over the ages...eg., Aesop, Brothers Grimm, Shakespeare, H C Anderson, and many 'Anons.' And, of course, the Bible. The Art of Obfuscation works both ways. ;-)

Much love, and gratitude to all the diggers, truffle sniffers, autists, anons, patriots, benevolent off-worlders, and especially, those of you who actually grok the semiotics at play in our sector of the Game Board.

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Interesting post @Vindicator. I seem to remember @VieBleu was run off of this forum.. see: @VieBleu is a shitstirring troll and is not to be taken seriously.

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Hmm. I wouldn't say she was run off. More like she blew herself up.

VieBleu waged a campaign to get the community to rally behind getting me made O, and minimum CCP raised to 100 (which would have kept our posts off of v/all). EsotericShade helped with that campaign. When Kev foiled it she claimed he was threatening her, then disappeared and never came back.

As I look back, I think VieBleu may have been an ES sock puppet. Both @Kevdude and @Crensch had problems with her/him from the very beginning. She started out complaining about hate speech early on, trying to get mods to delete comments. Moved to mod bashing when we didn't bend to her will, especially when we refused to advertise the protests at Comet. Every time Voat had problems with bugs during DDoS attacks, she would crank up the "Voat compromised" narrative.

Here is ES replying to VieBleu in her big thread pushing the 100 CCP requirement: https://voat.co/v/pizzagatewhatever/2030995/10019687. It's what he made @smurfy69 for.

Edit: At the time, they were both messaging me trying to institute the higher CCP setting. Kev very patiently described why it would not work they way they kept insisting it would. Both of them seemed unable to understand what he was telling them, and kept pushing for tighter "troll settings".

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I see. "Oh what tangled webs we weave..."

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VieBleu waged a campaign to get the community to rally behind getting me made O, and minimum CCP raised to 100 (which would have kept our posts off of v/all). EsotericShade helped with that campaign

@Crensch, you might want to add this info to your new Esoteric sticky - proof that Esoteric tried to keep v/pizzagate from v/all by campaigning for a minimum setting of 100 CCP.

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What do you think attracts people to this level of drama?

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