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Jamie is complete STUD! His work is so good... maybe TOO good. I could have seen his censorship coming a mile away. Bless this man! Keep up the good fight ya'll.

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His gmail account got deleted??? They really are bringing in the Chinese socialist system of ranking people here too. What if someone sued gmail? So many questions...

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NOOOOOOO! That's a great channel to share with normies. This is a badge of honor, Jamie.

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oh no, I just watched his De Niro video this morning

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https://archive.fo/nKeN1 :

Jamie Dlux 🛸💨 on Twitter: "Well good thing I’m not suicidal because @YouTube killed my channel and I feel like killing my self. Thanks @YouTube IVE DONE NOTHING WRONG"

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That's how you figure out whether someone is legit--if they get silenced like Jamie they're working for God; if their platform seems to get bigger and bigger eg George & the other fakes with caps in hand asking for money, money, money for a 'movie' without telling people where that money goes, they're working for the Satanists.

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Ain't that the truth. The real ones are under attack, videos taken down, bankrupted

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Many of his videos focused on CDAN blinds.

From there since we know Dlux is legit, we have good reason to believe Enty is legit too. Or at least in the “good intentioned” group.

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Only just found him. Haven't taken to his style/personality yet but had seen a couple of his videos. A shame to see him banned.

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