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J. Peter Sartain wiki James Peter Sartain (born June 6, 1952), better known as J. Peter Sartain, is an American prelate of the Catholic Church. He is the fifth and current Archbishop of Seattle, serving since 2010.[1] He previously served as Bishop of Little Rock (2000–06) and Bishop of Joliet (2006–10).[2]

He was in Little Rock while Clinton was Pres. and in Joliet during this


Reported missing the morning he was to meet with authorities investigating allegations that he molested a boy, the Rev. Alejandro Flores was found sprawled amid toppled pews at St. Mary's Carmelite Church in Joliet.

In an apparent attempt to take his life, Flores had plunged 20 feet from the choir loft, where investigators found an empty bottle of Johnny Walker Black Label scotch. They also discovered in his bedroom a suicide note he had written to one of the two brothers he was accused of molesting, according to police records.

"Dear son … Forgive me. I love you more than you know," Flores wrote in Spanish to the older boy.

A few days earlier, the mother of the boys had called the Diocese of Joliet to complain about the newly ordained priest's relationship with her younger son. The next morning, diocese officials promptly removed Flores from any contact with children and notified authorities, who later charged him with molesting the boy. Bishop J. Peter Sartain also publicly apologized to the child's family.

Although it appears the diocese may have responded swiftly in early 2010, the handling of the matter continues to draw criticism. And the scrutiny has followed Sartain to Seattle, where he was installed last winter as archbishop. Critics argue warning signs were ignored or missed while Flores was a seminary student — a five-year period that mostly occurred under Sartain's watch.

One priest who had supervised Flores was so frustrated that the seminarian was ordained despite repeated warnings that he wrote to Sartain asking why his complaints fell on deaf ears.

Flores, 38, is serving a four-year prison term for criminal sexual assault. He declined interview requests. Supporters say he maintains his innocence despite a guilty plea.

Flores was assigned to St. Mary Parish of West Chicago, where some parishioners said they are still outraged. One of them, Jennifer Wiesner, is a former St. Mary school board member.

Flores' contact with the boys grew so close during the next two years that several parishioners said they voiced their concerns to Conway, who was St. Mary's pastor, as well as to Masters and Flores himself. Parishioners Eduardo Fuentes and his wife, Luzma, of West Chicago, said Flores had the boys call him "Papa" and gave the oldest one expensive electronics, clothes and even a bike.

"They were together everywhere, all the time, to the extent that people were openly talking about it," Luzma Fuentes said.

Masters, now the diocese's vocation director, and Conway, now pastor at a Downers Grove church, declined comment. But in a Sept. 14, 2010, letter to Sartain, Conway complained that his repeated concerns were ignored and that his opinion on Flores was never sought before the seminarian was ordained.

his repeated concerns were ignored

It's unclear whether Masters told Sartain of these concerns. Sartain allowed Flores' ordination three months after the pornography evaluation was ordered. Prosecutors said their efforts to learn the evaluation results were blocked.

There is so much more in this long article. Please Read. This gives us clear picture of why Sartain has been repeatdly kicked upstairs to High Level positions in the Catholic Church. The covering up of sexual abuse.

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Thanks for that addition!

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He is awful. Joliet is particularly heinous https://www.bishop-accountability.org/news3/2002_05_05_Slowik_WorstKept_David_Stalzer_ETC.htm But one of their worst was Frederick Lenczycki http://app.bishop-accountability.org/member/psearch.jsp?diocese=JOLIETIL&lastName&msearch1=View&op=doSearch&section=a-z&sortBy&state

Removed 2002. Arrested and convicted 2004 of abuse of 3 boys. Sentenced to 5 yrs prison. Also worked in MO and CA. Just before release from prison 4/06, he was remanded to mental treatment facility upon release pending trial as to whether he is sexually dangerous. Trial held 3/08. Experts testified he molested at least 24 boys in 3 states in a 25-yr career. Jury said he was too dangerous to release & sent him back to prison. Released 9/09 on parole. On IL sex offender registry. 1 new lawsuit 5/13. Diocese agreed to release of personnel files 3/13 as part of settlement in Rudofski v Joliet & Bennett. Files finally released 4/30/14. Named in at least one new civil suit filed 4/30/14 against Joliet diocese. Named as 1 of 5 priests in $4.137 million lawsuit settled in 4/15.

The hospital he was working at was Deaconess owned by Tenet Healthcare. Yeah Tenet. Also Ricky McCormick was a patient there around that time. This stuff is all connected imo.

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The Jesuits with Wisconsin ties Eight of those named had served in Wisconsin. They are: Burton J. Fraser, who was ordained in 1935 and died in 1971. He had served at Marquette University. He is the subject of a single allegation dating to the 1950s.

Arthur O. Verdieck, who was ordained in 1950 and died in 1980. A single allegation emerged after his death. He had served at Campion High School in Prairie du Chien and Marquette University High School in Milwaukee.

John Campbell, who was ordained in 1950 and died in 2009. He was accused of abusing at least a dozen minors from the 1960s to the 1980s while serving in St. Louis, according to news accounts. He was restricted from contact with minors in 1985 and removed from ministry in 1987. He had served at Marquette University High School earlier in his career.

Francis M. Landwermeyer, who was ordained in 1966, left the priesthood in 2011 and died earlier this year. His abuses are alleged to have occurred in the 1960s and '70s. He served at Marquette University.

George M. Pieper, who was ordained in 1948 and died in 1998. The alleged abuses occurred in the 1970s. He had worked at Campion High School in Prairie du Chien.

Thomas E. Connolly, who was accused of abusing a minor in an unspecified year. He had worked at the Menominee County Court House in Keshena from 1965-'66.

Francis X. Nawn, who was sued by several people who said he abused them between 1962 and 1988 while serving at missions in Alaska, according to news accounts. He died in 1992. He had worked at Campion Prep in Prairie du Chien from 1945-'48 and 1955-'56, and at Marquette High 1956-'61.

Charles A. Saalfeld, who was accused in 2009 of abusing a minor between 1974 and '78. He worked at St. Joseph's Church in Madison from 1956-'57 and died in 1978.

The Dec. 17 release by the Midwest Province is expected to include additional Wisconsin names. The West Province also includes Donald McGuire, a former Chicago priest who served at the University of San Francisco. McGuire was accused of molesting several boys, including some in Wisconsin, for decades beginning in the 1960s. He was convicted on several state and federal counts in 2006. He was defrocked a year later and died in 2017 while serving a 25-year prison sentence. McGuire is among at least three abusers who had been supervised by former Marquette president the Rev. Robert Wild when he led the Chicago Province from 1985 to 1991.

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I also noticed that compared to California and Oregon, there were very, very few mentions of Seattle area Jesuit high schools

I think this may have to do with the Jesuits' internal investigator graduating from Seattle University (Jesuit College in WA). She is likely protecting her own.

Jesuits West will undergo a review of our files in the spring of 2019 to be conducted by former FBI Executive Assistant Director, Dr. Kathleen McChesney

Previously she was hired by USCCB to lead an "Office of Child Protection"

Dr. McChesney was selected by the United States Catholic Bishops’ Conference to establish and lead their Office of Child Protection where she developed and adminstered a national compliance mechanism to ensure that all Catholic dioceses complied with civil laws and internal policies relative to the prevention, reporting and response to the sexual abuse of minors. She coordinated a major research study into the nature and scope of the problem of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church and published and lectured frequently on the issue of sexual abuse of minors in religious institutions.

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First, I noticed a pattern of priests starting out teaching in urban high schools in major cities prior to the dates of reported sexual abuse. In most of the cases, though the years of abuse coincide with posts in Alaska, or other podunk locales. Mostly Alaska.

Excellent pattern recognition, I found this reinforcement:


Michael Pfau, a Seattle-based attorney who says he has represented about 150 survivors of clergy sex abuse, contends Catholic leaders have been selective in identifying wrongdoers in their ranks.

“It became clear that the Jesuits had a practice of transferring known abusers to different locations, including Native American reservations. It also became clear that the Jesuits had sent priests who had molested children at their high schools to work at the universities rather than remove them from ministry,” Pfau said in a statement

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Thank you for digging through this. The California connections are what are shocking me.

So far, a school I attended had at least 7 pedo priests employed over the years and 2 were reported for abusing minors during my enrollment...

As a student I heard nothing. This hits so close to home. The bullshit hypocritical "social justice" the Jesuits teach is DEVIOUS

This voluntary release, in combination with the US Council of Bishops RICO Lawsuit, and the Diocese of SJ/San Francisco Lawsuits makes me think we are seeing the groundwork being laid for the financial destruction of the Jesuits and/or the Catholic Church.

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Trump is a jesuit. Jeuits and Masons are infested in all our state apparartus. Zero PG arrest. CIA still traficking away and James Alefantis Rothschild free as a bird and traficking away as always. Trump full speed ahead with Agenda 21 and burning California to a crisp with his Jeuit buddy Jerry moonbeam Brown.