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bob hope is the other cia handler who liked and supplied underage girls

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funny enough, in the JFK files, i found a document showing that CIA was spying on Bob Hope. it was a report saying that Bob Hope and some girlfriend had just gotten off a plane in Miami. CIA was tracking Bob Hope's movements for years and maybe even decades. this memo lept out at me because i was puzzled--why the hell is Bob Hope in the JFKFiles and what in the fresh hell was CIA spying on him for?

sorry i don't have the link to the specific document in the JFKFiles. i have read so many of them in random order--over 20,000 pages so far with "only" another 180,000 to go, that they are all blurring into a mental jumble which i can no longer keep organized. which i kind of think is CIA's perfect getaway plan all along. bury the simple Truth in a mountain of sprawling paper bullshit with countless meandering side-quests into dead end mazes that nobody can keep straight. when there is no possibility of constructing an over arching narrative to name who-dunnit, then there is no way to pin any of it back on CIA.

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cathy obrien outs bob hope in trance formation of america its no big surprise he was the perfect handler with his powerful celebrity i see those men being interviewed on talk shows back in the day and they're just so smug and arrogant jerry lewis is another huge ego

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Frank Sinatra was also featured in the movie The Manchurian Candidate. Another message? https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0056218/

The plot centers on the Korean War veteran Raymond Shaw, the progeny of a prominent political family. Shaw was a prisoner of war during the conflict in Korea and while being held was brainwashed by his captors. After his discharge back into civilian life, he becomes an unwitting assassin involved in an international communist conspiracy. Officials from China and the Soviet Union employ Shaw as a sleeper agent in an attempt to subvert and take over the United States government.

Another movie imitating real life? Sounds familiar.

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Even earlier than that he was in a movie called Suddenly 1954.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suddenly_(1954_film) - https://archive.is/3z4g9

The story concerns a small California town whose tranquility is shattered when the train of the President of the United States is scheduled to pass through the town, and a hired assassin and his henchmen take over a home as a perfect location to assassinate the president.

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OMG. Thank You. I had forgotten that. I have seen it but not for quite some time. People watching these movies never realize messages being sent. I used to think they were kind of laughing at us while telling us what they will do, but possibly they are messages to their "partners in crime" to inform them what is coming. That was a frightening picture for me.

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Great correlation. And we STILL have mobsters influencing even THIS President and most likely goomba's that aren't too far separated from the JFK assassination to this DAY.

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Yes and some are running our cities from behind the scenes. NY LA and Chicago surely. They Chicago Outfit is still going strong. People think both the mafia and the devil don't exist.

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Maybe it really was the case that paedophile serial killer Angelo Buono was delivering child porn to Sinatra.


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there's Mia Farrow to think about too

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Who later married pedophile woody Allen

It's circles inside circles!

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You are always welcome.

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Great thread Upvoat. Yeah boy I can't stand dudes voice either but hey those 50's people had an entirely different set of circumstances and programming. It's absolutely no wonder and then a COMPLETE wonder all at the same time how all these criminals get to the top. Not surprising at all considering every single one of that rat pack was involved in some high level controversy that to this day sends ripples through politics and Hollywood.

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so true

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That explains why he was so famous when he kind of stunk as a singer. I assume Adam Sandler (and know Oprah) is the modern version.

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Frank Sinatra stunk as a singer??? Are you kidding? !

What a damn shame. Now will never be able to listen to his music again :(

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Bing was better though! Please don't make bing a pedo?

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Are you being sarcastic? I had a best of record on this morning, don't get me wrong, and I liked "The man with the golden arm" but Phil Hrtman's characterization was a pretty apt one....DOOBEY DOO DOO DOSE CRA-ZY BROADS!

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That explains why he was so famous when he kind of stunk as a singer.

This is insanity.

Dude had instant success. He was the first teen idol when he hit the scene. An early version of what hit Elvis and the Beatles later on.



He was the premier interpreter of songs in the 20th century. He was an incredible musician as a vocalist, which is why his versions of songs often became the defnitive version. To say he stunk as a singer to ignore all the things that made him great and put forgettable but technicially proficient singers over him. It's like claiming Larry Bird stunk at basketball because he couldn't dunk from the foul line.


Listen to that and then read this by Jazz Times about what set Sinatra apart.

Frank Sinatra went from teen idol to living legend, and, without formal training, developed a highly sophisticated style. His ability to produce long, flowing musical lines unbroken by pauses for breathing, his subtle use of the vocal techniques more commonly found in the opera and classical idioms, and his manipulation of phrasing, reminiscent of Billie Holiday, set him far above the average pop singer.

Like Elvis Presley, the next singer to experience mass adulation, Frank Sinatra developed a unique white-blues style, supple enough to express the wide range of his own turbulent emotions. He transformed the songs of the great writers into something personal by the sincerity of his performance; Sinatra actually seemed to believe the words he was singing.

He has faced triumph, failure and triumph again throughout his long career as an entertainer. New musical fads and trends have come and gone during his lifetime but this man and his music have remained at the forefront of American culture for nearly half a century.

Listening to his recorded legacy, an incredible body of work that spans 1939 to 1994, there can be little doubt that Sinatra is the single greatest interpreter of American popular song-the one performer who elevated what he referred to as “saloon singing” to a high art. A man who has enriched American music with countless superior recordings of many classic standards and provided the soundtrack for much of this century.

Sinatra has touched many lives and for this tribute, we spoke with a cross section of people from the world of jazz.

John Zorn: There are so many things about him. His musicality, his timing, his creativity.

Fred Hersch: Great phrasing, great breath control.

Joe Lovano: His personality, his feeling, his tone. Frank Sinatra emerged in the late ’30 and ’40s, alongside Billie Holiday and Lester Young and Coleman Hawkins and Ben Webster…Sinatra’s sound, his voice, had the same meaning and impact as the great improvisers and players of the tenor saxophone. He’s one of the few cats who spanned all these different generations and always projected amazing glow, like Miles Davis did, in a very similar way.

Tommy LiPuma: Miles told me that on Porgy and Bess, he wanted his trumpet to sound like Sinatra.

John Zorn: There are inside records, which are outtakes, from both the Capitol and Reprise years and on them, you hear take after take of Frank Sinatra and in a sense, he’s just as creative an improviser as Charlie Parker. Every take is different, he approaches each in a slightly different way. He’s always searching.

Sinatra’s a total musician in the sense that he’s not just a singer; he’s a passionate, dedicated, effective searcher who wants to be in control of all the action. He’s a perfectionist, as you can hear on some of the bootleg records from the studio. He knows how to set the mood, he knows exactly what’s happening in the orchestra. He’ll say, hey, that trombone player, that note is getting in the way of my range. I’m a little weak, he explains in a session, this note is a little weak, can you change the voicing of this chord. He knows exactly what’s going on and he gets what he wants.

Jimmy Amadie: In addition to his sound and presence, Sinatra has the ability to sing a tune in any style and make it sound like his own. The sound is always rich and full and no one interprets a tune that is more believable than the way he has with both the music and the lyrics. An example of this magnified is when you hear the music of the various arrangers in the background and the way in which Sinatra blends, it is chameleon-like. As a musician, you can feel what he is doing and at that moment you want to be a part of it.

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I was being an ass but then you go and compare him to manufactured hysteria like the Beatles and Elvis. FWIW Jim Morrison stunk too, was probably also a CIA plant, and SInatra was his fave too

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I am a musician and I have never understood why Sinatra was considered great-his voice is not naturally pleasing, although his phrasing is first rate But talk to the women of that era and they DON'T GIVE A SHIT if he was a gangster, or immoral, etc.-DON'T TALK SHIT ABOUT SINATRA! Never understood it:)

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Hey There.....

they have been using the tissue for HIV and AIDS

this article is dated May 14, 2001


I believe it's fetal tissue they are using to monkey with DNA

I thinking the older the better for those "scientists"

Hillary/ Dems and her late term abortions

I couldnt even do research part...that topic really hit me HARD

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In response to repeated written inquiries, NIH failed to provide a copy of the consent form used in this research or to directly answer whether women donating post-20-week fetuses to NIH-funded research using SCID-hu BTL mice were informed that tissue from their fetus was going to be transplanted into a mouse. The AGF spokesman was uncertain whether the women would have been so informed.

whether the women would have been so informed. The lies. The lies. I am sure they did not inform. If they also knew that the tissue is taken from their fetus while live, I am sure they would think twice about an abortion. We are the few that knew the truth and others are fed the lies. This is definitely a heart breaking subject, no wonder you had a problem to research.

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I am also sickened by all the articles by life source regarding MOD March of Dimes too. The fetal tissue being taken from live fetuses. Immoral Murder.

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Frank Sinatra-- who was in the Rat Pack with known satanist Sammy Davis Jr

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