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Mercier and the Rev. Scott Santarosa, provincial for the Jesuits West, both apologized for the suffering of survivors but stressed that a credible allegation did not mean the accused were guilty of a crime or liable for a civil claim.

“Words cannot possibly suffice to express our sorrow and shame for what occurred, our promise of prayers for healing, and our commitment to work with them," Mercier said.

I can never understand how they can profusely apologize but still claim they were not guilty or liable for a crime. It pretty much cancels out their "We are so sorry".

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jesuitswest - https://archive.is/QdYMU

kmc - https://archive.is/47X0Y

jsonline - https://archive.is/j1Xe2

abc15 - https://archive.is/JFhEo

kcra - https://archive.is/yVWs6

spokesman - https://archive.is/A1guu

Omak, WA used to have a CIA base, wonder if it still does.

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Omak, huh? That's weird. The only thing even remotely involved with national security anywhere close is Grand Coulee Dam. Hanford is way south. I wonder if there is anything going on north of there in Canada? That could possibly be a drug/people trafficking route.

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Not sure if base is in Omak or nearby, but the agency employees I personally knew lived in Omak.

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At one time Port Angeles WA was the center for continuity of government under Teddy Roosevelt

Now it hosts a Department of Homeland Security/Border Patrol facility

There are also rumors that Bill Gates has a personal deep underground bunker on the Olympic Peninsula

And of course you have Boeing which was based out of Tacoma Seattle

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Thank you! (As always)

Fascinating.. never heard about CIA base

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You're welcome.

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Public hanging yeah bring it back.

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Trump is the top Jeuit in America. How you enjoying all the PG arrest? Alefantis hanging soon?

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