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These scum at the FBI more interested in investigating people who exposed pizzgate than actually investigating pizzagate.

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People don't do well when they investigate themselves. Can you imagine , under three strikes and you are out under clinton, when a street person steals a pair of socks and goes to prison for life.......he said "wait wait, I have to investigate myself first...yep. my feet were cold."

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Just my opinion....this "personal email" doesn't add up. This redacted individual claims "she" only met Comey "a couple of times," and that "you may not remember" yet the person addresses THE HEAD OF THE FBI as "Jim" and has his personal email address. They mention 2-3 of fundraisers at Comet Ping Pong." Of course, one of the early Pizzagate connections was a fundraiser for Hillary, organized by the Podestas and held at Comet. This is how Alefantis was originally connected to Hillary. The David Brock connection was also discovered.

Could this e-mail be a "head's up" from the Clinton Cabal? The wording does not sound like a head of a school. Using phrases like "nut jobs" and "You can probably see where this is going." "...have now made a correlation between REDACTED and Comet Ping Pong..." I don't recall any Pizzagate posts, info, citing a particular school, other than the one Alefantis attended in D.C. The redacted person was particularly concerned with pamphlets given out at one of the marches, which presumably had choice Jimmy Comet Instagram photos. Amazingly, this REDACTED person wants an audience with "the person at the FBI that is leading the Pizzagate investigation" !!!! How did they know the FBI was investigating? This was a D.C. police matter originally. COMEY DID NOT GIVE THIS PERSON THE RUN AROUND. He forwarded the email to his TOP MAN, James Rybicki saying "she" "is a serious person." SOUNDS LIKE CODE. This REDACTED person, supposedly a mere acquaintance associated with a school, GETS WHAT SHE WANTS! WITHIN 8 DAYS! "She" gets TWO agents to talk to.

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"Gareth Wade, 47, and Doug Clarke, 50, were sitting down for pizza and beer at Comet when they spotted a commotion. All of a sudden, said Wade, “the server said someone just walked in with a shotgun.

“A man had just walked into the building, passed us into the back of the building, he seemed to have a shotgun or a rifle-type of [gun] and said we ought to vacate the building,” Wade recalled the server saying."

"Police said 28-year-old Edgar Maddison Welch, of Salisbury, N.C., walked in the front door of Comet Ping Pong and pointed a firearm in the direction of a restaurant employee. The employee was able to flee and notify police. Police said Welch proceeded to discharge the rifle inside the restaurant; they think that all other occupants had fled when Welch began shooting." https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/local/wp/2016/12/04/d-c-police-respond-to-report-of-a-man-with-a-gun-at-comet-ping-pong-restaurant/?utm_term=.37f9038c4f19


"The employee was able to flee and notify police. Welch then fired the gun into the floor." https://nypost.com/2016/12/05/gunman-opens-fire-in-pizzeria-over-fake-news-story/

Benjamin Freed and Jessica Sidman of the Washingtonian wrote: "Acting DC Police Chief Peter Newsham told reporters Sunday evening that Welch walked into Comet Ping Pong and did fire at least one shot into the ground. Police added that the Welch's car is registered in North Carolina. Welch made no vocal threats or demands during the incident inside Comet Ping Pong, police say." (Newsham is the one who had his picture taken with Alefantis in support of Comet Ping Pong. Did not investigate pizzagate allegations.)

SO, WHEN DID HE FIRE INTO A LOCKED CLOSET SUPPOSEDLY CONTAINING A COMPUTER HARD DRIVE? If Welch was truly investigating for "trafficked children", why would he fire into a closet that could have potentially been hiding children? If Welch believed there was a basement in Comet hiding trafficked children, WHY WOULD HE FIRE A GUN INTO THE FLOOR? False flag?

WAS THIS PART OF A PLEA DEAL? Before driving to Comet: "Edgar Maddison Welch struck a teenager with his car, sending him to the hospital by helicopter, in October 2016, according to a report by WBTV.

"Edgar Maddison Welch struck a teenager with his car, sending him to the hospital by helicopter, in October 2016, according to a report by WBTV.

The incident happened about 7:30 p.m. in Salisbury, North Carolina, the news station reports. Kenyatta Belton, 13, suffered head, torso and leg injuries after he was truck by Welch’s Buick LeSabre. (HE DRIVES TO COMET IN A PRIUS)

Witnesses told the news station that the victim was walking with several other friends when he was struck by the car.

“We was walking down the road, just a normal walk, and this one car had the full road,” Belton’s friend, Sean Lankford, told the news station. “We was pretty much on the white line and he wiped out one of my friends and he had the whole road to turn into even the whole other lane, even in the same lane he could have avoided him.”

“My friend is really really badly hurt, it’s just a normal walk gone bad and one car made a big difference,” Lankford told WBTV." https://heavy.com/news/2016/12/edgar-maddison-welch-comet-pizza-pizzagate-washington-dc-gunman-suspect-photos-pictures-facebook-conspiracy-north-carolina/

AN ACTOR "Welch has had a brief career in the film industry, according to an IMDB profile. He was a production assistant on two independent films, “The Mill” and “A Tale About Bootlegging” and was an actor in another film, “The Bleeding” in 2009.

He also is credited as a writer on the short film “Mute.”" https://heavy.com/news/2016/12/edgar-maddison-welch-comet-pizza-pizzagate-washington-dc-gunman-suspect-photos-pictures-facebook-conspiracy-north-carolina/

The DC Police report for a shooting incident at Comet Ping Pong on Dec. 4, 2016 https://www.scribd.com/document/333293088/Comet-Gunman-Incident-Report

Note: ONE witness. Welch pointed gun in his direction (assault with a dangerous weapon). Witness fled out back and called 911. Does not mention anyone hearing gun shots. States "unlawful discharge of a firearm." DOESN'T SAY WHERE OR HOW MANY OR WHEN. DOES NOT MENTION EYE WITNESS TO THIS. The door, lock and COMPUTER TOWER is only listed as DAMAGED and is taken into custody. IT IS NOT LISTED AS SEIZED EVIDENCE. A pizzagate researcher had reported a few days prior that they had hacked Comet's website and found cp. When was the tower "shot" ?

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Edible Schoolyards

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Right ! Because if they were to have real investigation , they would have to answer questions about PG that would indeed incriminate themselves ..

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our entire government needs to hang. death to the traitors.

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Televised to the masses ppv revenues for the children who suffered from their abuse.

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Americans have already paid enough to deserve to watch. We could do the criminal hangings piñata style, and auction off swings.

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I call your PPV event and raise you a PPV event featuring Danganronpa Style Executions (look up danganronpa execution to get an idea). Basically brutal, ironic yet humiliating deaths designed to mock the target based off of something.

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This means pizzagate is real. It is an official investigation.

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Great job... Can there be an foia request on the dc police investigation of the comet ping pong website videos... How far did the investigation go?.. Wasnt there a conflict of interest with the DC commissioner been seen with James Alefantis..

Great job ...is it an organisatiin that posted the FOIA request

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Also the first batch FOIA release of comey emails in November is here:


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So the FBI thinks it's completely normal to tape kids to tables, refer to them as 'hotards', put kids in compromising and sexual positions, and refer to their 'kill rooms' while displaying satanic paraphernalia and talking in pedophile code. Who was the numbskull who told people to report suspected pedos to the FBI??

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JA's fucking social media Avatar was the famous statue of the pedos, the boy toy of a Roman Emperor...

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"what we are dealing with & what we can do to protect ourselves."

They're scared. Deep down they've known for a long time what they're doing is wrong & immoral & now someone outside the circle has made them aware of their own darkness. They know they will be punished for the evil on the innocent they have done.

Great dig with this FIOA.

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Why oh why would they need to 'protect themselves' over things a few nutjobs were saying?

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Well done you. Some names to have a look into...

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