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Thank you for pointing that out. Some people will be satisfied with the breadcrumbs.

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Orrin Hatch is one of those senators who is retiring at the end of his term. HMMM.

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Romney is taking his place.

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It is rather questionable.

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Epstein has had to pay millions out to victims already...with many more to come.

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Good, his payment should be a lifelong one because it will take a lifetime for some to get over what he's done to them.

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$3000? -- Laughable.

How about forfeiting their entire net worth to be divided between victims?

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$3k is the minimum, so a poor convictee would pay that much and more wealthy perps would pay more

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This law will be abused just like the civil forfeiture law.

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just like the children, you mean

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Both of you are correct.

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for trafficking in child pornography

The word trafficking there is wide open to exploitation. Hopefully the law will only be used as intended to help victims of abuse, but if we know one thing about the government it loves to stretch the limits with the use of law.

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Uhhh.. civil forfeiture doesn't require a conviction. That is a completely different thing.

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I find this interesting in regards to Hatch,

Of course he is from Utah so one may expect that he went to Brigham Young. The problem with the Mormon faith is they are directly connected to Free Masons, though they would never admit This Is part of their history.

He did receive this award, Commander of the Order of the Star of Romania, Romania.

They use titles like Knight, Grand this or that. Reeks of what was done in KKK which was another Free Mason org. and other Free Mason groups like Order of the Eastern Star, which are admitted Free Masons.

Anyhow, these Free Masons as you all know, constantly keep a distraction from "pretending" they follow the Bible, but they have their own bible that subscribes to satan and when they say God, they are referring to their evil god. They virtue signal with good works, but that has Always been satan's MO. It entices people and makes them think it is a Good thing while slowly encompassing them in a cocoon where they feel secure enough to try different levels of wickedness. "Go ahead, it's okay!" Is what they tell their initiates!

They tout members such as Victorian Osteen. .. at least her father, Clara Barton and Laura Ingalls Wilder. History sure does look different standing on this end of the Bright Light!

He is connected to Hollywood and Entertainment Industry.

Hatch appeared as himself in Steven Soderbergh's Oscar-winning drama Traffic, in a brief cameo in a scene set during a Washington D.C. cocktail party. Soderbergh later featured one of Hatch's songs, Souls Along The Way, in his film Ocean's 12 as background music for a scene in Hatch's home state Utah.

Hatch's likeness was featured in the 30 Rock episode "Jack Gets in the Game" as one of Dr. Leo Spaceman's famous clients.[142]

In 2009, at the request of The Atlantic correspondent Jeffrey Goldberg, Hatch authored the lyrics to "Eight Days of Hanukkah", described by Goldberg as "a hip hop Hannukah song written by the senior senator from Utah."

Despite their political differences, Hatch was a longtime friend of fellow senator Ted Kennedy, speaking at his memorial service and publicly suggesting Kennedy's widow as a replacement for Kennedy in the Senate.

Hatch appeared in a scene in the Parks and Recreation episode "Ms. Ludgate-Dwyer Goes to Washington" alongside Cory Booker.

In the early 1970s he was the band manager for a Mormon-themed folk group called the Free Agency. The Free Agency was made up of members of an earlier Mormon group called the Sons of Mosiah, that was formed when guitarist David Zandonatti and vocalist Ron McNeeley relocated to Utah after their San Francisco based psychedelic group Tripsichord Music Box disbanded in 1971.

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Thank you for sharing @MolochHunter . Is it okay if I share your post through the link here to PedogateFullExposure?

This is a difficult one!

I like the idea of it, though No One and No Amount of money could ever fully compensate for all the harm, anguish and horrors that seem to Never go away for these kids.

These people who preyed up on innocent and all Elitists Should have to pay retribution. Not just through monetary means as this means almost Nothing to Fat Cats. They should Also have to serve others in a capacity where they have zero access to children. Plenty of cities need rebuilding. I vote for Detroit Michigan for Duty. I realize it would take a team of vetted security and housing for these scoundrels, but they could recoup costs by running it as a live feed. Pedo's forced to pay back by rebuilding. There would be no squirming out of duties as they wouldn't have a desk job to prey upon other children and would be held accountable for actual physical, measurable Work!

What is questionable is Feinstein's name all over this along with her staff members.

I don't want to look a gift horse in the mouth. . .but it causes me to wonder.

I always liked Gowdy, but did he really get much done? He was loud alright and made us cheer when he put Hillary in her place. . .but nothing really came of it.

If he truly is on the side of Good, I don't wish to badmouth him, but it is rather curious he is not coming back to,"spend time with family," I think is what I heard. Not saying that isn't a good reason, I just find it questionable.

Now perhaps he will be utilized in some manner with tribunals. I don't know.

I feel like I keep going back and forth on him.

In May 2018, Gowdy challenged President Trump's unsubstantiated conspiracy theory that the FBI had spied on his 2016 presidential campaign. As a result of this, Gowdy was attacked by various Trump allies, and Politico reported that Gowdy was "virtually alone, getting little support from his House colleagues." In June 2018, Speaker Paul Ryan came out in support of Gowdy, saying that Gowdy's assessment was "accurate.

Later he did call out the despicable conduct of Strzok and his cohorts, but seemed a bit late to the table.

I guess I'm just looking at everything from an over all viewpoint. Leaves me with lots of questions.

I am even more perplexed over Feinstein. Came across this info a while back.

Dianne Feinstein and all the corruption she has been involved in. Her husband in 1978 accused of pedophilia by two neighbors


I don't know enough about Hatch to comment on him.

Seems like Grassley's clean, or at least I've not come across anything questionable yet, and I hope I don't.

What are you all finding?

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Im very comfortable with Gowdy. When he does shit like attacking Trump over the spying allegation, what he's doing - like what Sessions did - was provide the optics of neutrality / impartiality / independence

and yer sure, share away - its not mine to withhold anyway, the news is all over twitter

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Interesting theory on Gowdy!

Very possible they are causing tension on purpose. ..Good cop, bad cop sort of thing to dispel the whiners.

I sure hope he was playing the long game. Even before I was really awake, I Loved seeing him get after some of the corruption.

Hoping it wasn't just a show. Thank you! Wrote an article and saw some other interesting tweets on this. A little difficult to trace since they suspended two of my accounts.

Dorsey and Schiff hate me. I'm good with that! I don't need them!

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Hmm, Be multi-millionaire, 16 year olds pretending to be 18 constantly send nudes in hope of getting your millions... Be 18 in high school, freshmen girls constantly sending you nudes in hopes of getting paid...

It sounds good in theory but, practice may be a little ruff. Could this be specifically for bill clinton and the podesta bros?

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i think the law only applies to the PRODUCERS, not the consumers, of child pornography

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So your gonna have 16 year old girls, borrowing phones and sneaking a boob selfie as a way of extorting money out of people.

Think of it like slip and fall negligence laws before cameras where everywhere. They are good in theory keeps the store owners on the ball shoveling snow and cleaning up spills, gives them incentive to do so. The reality of it was, people would slip and hurt themselves on purpose just to sue the store..

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Orrin Hatch has refused to denounce the FLDS (Fundamentalist Mormons)

Warren Jeff's is still in prison for raping multiple underage girls, recording the rapes, engaging in sexual ritual abuse, and working thousands of children to death on construction sites.

Fuck Orrin Hatch. I'm not saying this bill isn't good.

But Orrin Hatch's political career has profited from his refusal to denounce Systemic Fundentalist Mormon Pedophilia and Child Abuse.

Do not trust Orrin Hatch

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I would say that is a Huge Red Flag! Does he have Free Mason roots?

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He is a Mormon (LDS not FLDS)

Mormons stole much of their ritual from Masonry. So I would suspect so

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I don't understand why, with everything we know, people put faith in Trump. A rich man from new York...... If he was as great as you say....he'd have been fighting this fight for decades. Don't be fooled....no one in power is clean...

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