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Watch the PORTS

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https://archive.fo/nD6UZ :

Tarek Fatah on Twitter: "Horror of horrors! Pakistani Tanker on its way to Iran intercepted at the Balochistan border. Watch the kidnapped children who were hidden inside the tanker being smuggled for trafficking. Efforts are now underway to find out their parents. t.co/dkqotES0qR"

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TEHRAN – Over a dozen children “abducted from different areas of Pakistan” have been recovered from an LPG container in southeast Iran on Monday.

Reports in local media suggest Iranian border authorities foiled a child trafficking bid in the Kerman province and rescued more than 15 children from the container coming from Afghanistan into Iran.

The children were abducted from different areas of Pakistan and were being taken to Iran when the Iranian border guards stopped the container, the reports added.

A video of the incident went viral on social media after the officials concerned from two neighboring Islamic states were contacted but they have so far refused to comment or confirm the development.

Every year, between 30,000 to 40,000 Pakistanis attempt illegal passage to Europe as well as Turkey, Russia, and the Middle Eastern countries through Balochistan and by air, according to officials.

Thanks for posting this. Had not seen it. Video Included.

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Thanks for posting the article. When I look at those children I wonder about those that are not rescued. How many will be forced into sex slavery, forced to work for nothing or become militants? Or will they become victims of organ harvesting? It's just so sad.

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look at the comment from @truthdemon it makes sense. the aga $han is evil I have read this before. There is reason to believe he is behind a lot of it. I remember reading about him last year sometime. We should post about him and his loundering and other crimes.

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Google : aga khan Governorship of Kerman It is their personal fiefdom.. Aga khan of persian nobility ....is a piece of filth..

...shippping companies, Education charities, Also connection to opium towns

Loyal mi6 agent..created the freemasonic project of pakistan...splitting india into a deep state feudal state of pakistan and its harvesting ground for deep state criminal activities in india...and thrn the world..as thr cases of.awan brothers and child rape rings in post industrial run down cities of england...

His influence in canadian politics needs to be investigated


I firmly believe the assymetric warfare is run by satanists like aga khan ...crewting chaos in minds...the cover of them being charities and good work..

Hiding wealth in a web of offshore companies can easily hide child trafficking proceeds..



I believe mkultra was invented by them during the time of crusades..and at the moment are using thisnword PLURALISM to undo the remedybwe all have in Christ.

He is a serpent...couod be THE serpent , the dajjal figure , the anti christ...his cult hides in the form of an organisation and is a deep state mechanism to bring about satanism all across the planet... For canada he is the driving force for the full time indoctrination of children from ages 4 in inaproprtiate sex education..

He endorses fraser mustard methods as a cover to program inappropriate sexual topics to 4 and 5 year olds

In his speech to the canadian parliament centred on pluralism he endorses fraser mustard at the end ..

..and this is the result of letting this serpent into ur communities.

Google : ottawa sex education

Google : aga khan money laundering Look at him with the globe in his hand ..as if he owns...maybe he runs the deep state


Google : aga khan 5 star hotels afghanistan He has a habit of setting up 5 star hotels in war zones

What for ??? Part of his child trafficking program ..used for political blackmail...

He is via his PLURALISM crap is selling satanism via thr back door..and undoing the remedy of Christ that is offered to all.. Undoing it inna subtil manner via indoctrination of children.


Lock HIM up

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Thanks for the info. If I find the time I will look into it. That's a lot to research. I believe you. I have read about the aga kahn. Evil.

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Trafficking of Children and adults has not stopped. I believe it has escalated. Here is an article from 2014 saying that they were found in shipping containers. We have researched before that shipping containers are used to transport those that are trafficked.


Police in the U.K. have launched a homicide investigation after a dead man was found among 35 people who were discovered in a shipping container at Tillbury Docks, Essex, on Saturday. The people in the container, who are now understood to be Sikhs from Afghanistan, are believed to be victims of human trafficking. It's unclear where the victims, including children, were loaded onto the ship on which they were found, but the freighter's last stop before Essex was in Zeebrugge, Belgium. The 34 survivors were all sent to local hospitals to be treated for dehydration and hypothermia, and all but four have since been discharged.

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It likely has escalated. I still think much of pizzagate investigation is allowed and tolerated for the purpose of social stress testing. To see how society reacts. How many become interested enough and involved in trying to expose the crap all governments are part of. Globally, all CPS systems combined are the number one traffickers of children.

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Unfortunately I have to agree with you on CPS They have a lousy track record. I think possibly James's mother may have gotten Children from there. Just like the Hart Children, some came from Texas through CPS. People are asleep at the wheel worrying about the Royal Spats and Chopra and Nick. Barf.

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Here in the USA, the FBI flat out refuses to reply to any and all FOIA requests regarding how many rescued children are from foster care. The numbers are likely around 30%, but the FBI won't give the info to the people making requests.

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This was already posted by @Quinceberry ~3 days ago.

It's only 13 submissions below yours on v/pizzagate/new

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Thanks. I glanced and didn't see it before I posted it. I don't visit this site daily, my bad.

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Need more details.