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Do away with statutes of limitation on crimes against children.

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Agreed, will update website...

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  1. No altar boys.

My husband and I were just discussing this last night. It's like a business. If there is no supply, there is no business. No monkey business. I am in total favor of ending this practice. I have been reading about so many sexual abuse cases my head is swimming. One thing I noticed is that many men that were altar boys said they were abused in the sacristy. We need to keep children out of the sacristy. Why not have senior citizens volunteer to take their place? You have to know they will cry about carrying the candles and the crosses etc. So why not get these elderly citizens out of their homes and save the boys from abuse. It's a better idea that the one The Onion had on their site. Replace the altar boys with gay men. NOpe.

What Great Ideas! I am in favor of all you have suggested.

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there are some that say the Catholic Church has a homosexual problem not a Pedo problem

I think their problem is putting themselves above mans law and corrupting Gods law

So many young boys , and there have been girls too :(

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All of the above. It all applies. Lavender Mafia. Pedos. You name it.

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You probably mean "Altar Boys." I don't think that they've altered any of them.

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I think their experience of being molested and groomed has altered them

to abuse a child is to murder their souls, change it

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Can we get the law we already have enforced?

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@dtneslo, v/pizzagate is for research posts. Please see this thread I created some time ago about how to write a public activism post such that it meets our submission requirements. I'll give you the 24 Hour Grace flair so you can edit.

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I read your post, there is no wording or otherwise about activism posts

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@dtneslo, since the extra 24 hours we allowed for editing are up, I will remove the post now per @Vindicator's comment. Removing per Rules 2 and 4.

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Hi @dtneslo, I think it's a good post. But we'd need some sources (links to old Voat posts, or articles).

Like @Vindicator said here:

Links to research from the investigation that should be included, examples of similar publicity efforts and why they were effective, how-to resources that would be helpful, etc.

We will allow some more time for your edit. Thanks.

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"Publicity planning" = public activism. Apply the principles outlined in the thread.

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Unconstitutional. I mean, not even close to being Constitutional.

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Someone with sense

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For the third time, I am not asking the government to intervene and prevent children from performing in the Church, I am asking the Church while Strongly Warning ALL families to avoid leaving their children alone with a flagrantly criminal organization like the Church

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But your support speaks volume...

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And your point is what? That the Constitution doesn't matter? That we can ignore the Bill of Rights?

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It's not the lack of support. It's constructive objections.

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I bet the pope will see this stupid post and get right on that.

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Roman Catholic is Pan.

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