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need to go a little deeper than that chief.

The Vigano letter says that Benedict had already punished Cardinal McCarrick for his abuse of seminarians and priests. His accusation is that Francis reversed this sanction. How the sanction that Vigano claims happened would have been a secret sanction as McCarrick did not suffer any penalty until this year after allegations were substantiated.

There's a bait and switch going here. Acting as if the allegations that came out this year were known by the Vatican a decade or more earlier (and before Francis was Pope.)


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Try searching "vigano child sex". Many articles calling it "child sex abuse". Spin it however you want.

What is it pedophiles like to say? "Sex before 8, or it's too late?" C'mon, you know the saying....just sayin'.


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see the article I just posted on Vigano and see why people are skeptical.

Many people feel Vigano and his allies are cynically using the child sex scandal as a way of fighting long standing battles. So far he has not provided evidence for his claims.


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Vigano's claim that the previous pope had put McCarrick under sanctions is belied by the fact, that no restrictions seemed to be placed on McCarrick and that Vigano was part of the coverup because he publicly praised McCarrick.

At a gala dinner in the luxury Pierre Hotel in Manhattan in 2012, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, Pope Benedict’s top diplomat in the United States, bestowed an award for missionary service on Cardinal Theodore McCarrick and praised him as “very much loved from us all.”

But if Archbishop Viganò is to be believed, he was keeping a troubling secret — a claim that is at the heart of a new scandal that has thrown the church into upheaval and led some conservatives to call for Pope Francis to resign.

The archbishop now says he was aware at the time of the gala that Cardinal McCarrick, the former archbishop of Washington, was under orders from Pope Benedict XVI to stop appearing in public on behalf of the Roman Catholic Church because he had sexually abused adult seminary students.

Archbishop Viganò did not explain why he agreed to publicly laud a cardinal under sanctions. But LifeSiteNews — a website run by conservative Catholics — quoted the archbishop on Friday as saying that he could not back out of the event.

Even beyond the gala dinner, however, a review of Cardinal McCarrick’s activities during the years he was supposedly restricted under Benedict showed that he visited seminaries and ordained new priests, officiated at Masses and traveled the world representing the church.