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Vigano did not make allegations of child sex abuse did he?

The allegations he spoke about were of McCarrick with seminarians, college age and adults, I beleive.

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As usual, you are wrong:

"Pope Francis faces civil war in Catholic Church over child sex abuse scandal"

[–] Are_we_sure 3 points -2 points (+1|-3) ago  (edited ago)

need to go a little deeper than that chief.

The Vigano letter says that Benedict had already punished Cardinal McCarrick for his abuse of seminarians and priests. His accusation is that Francis reversed this sanction. How the sanction that Vigano claims happened would have been a secret sanction as McCarrick did not suffer any penalty until this year after allegations were substantiated.

There's a bait and switch going here. Acting as if the allegations that came out this year were known by the Vatican a decade or more earlier (and before Francis was Pope.)