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Pedo Pope doesn't realize we all know he is Pedo Pope? What an evil, stupid, excuse for a human being. His time will come.

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He should be the first to go to jail but unfortunately he is too protected.

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Vigano is getting support.

VATICAN CITY, September 7, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) — A Vatican letter to a New York priest confirms the Holy See knew of sexual abuse allegations against ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick in 2000, Catholic News Service reported Friday. The letter obtained by CNS was sent in 2006 from Archbishop Leonardo Sandri, then Vatican substitute for general affairs, to Father James Boniface Ramsay, a whistleblower on McCarrick. https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/letter-confirms-vigano-claim-vatican-knew-of-mccarrick-abuse-in-2000?

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Yes! Thousands are signing letters. Women and Men and protests being organized even as we speak. We all have to keep posting about this here and also spread the word to others. We must not not allow them put this on the back burner again.

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Nothing wrong with a little reformation, time to time.

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The difference being Job was a man of integrity, innocent of false accusations so very much unlike the Catholic Church.

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Don't expect any honesty from the high ranking Catholic officials.

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Ever (unless they've left).

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Didn't he also say that the purveyors of fake news like pizzagate are into eating poo? Or something to that effect?

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Yep FUJP! Coprophagia. Yet more projection! Good catch.

These people really are stupid. Reason? Their projection is like a beacon, simply find them via their accusations!

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HMMM. eating poo. Seems like I have read of that in satanic rituals and abuse. Pope seems familiar with the left hand path.

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I saw this too and couldn't help but to think that is a great tactic satan himself probably would use. Blame the one telling the truth. So basically everyone guilty of something should be the victim because satan exposed his/her sin and is playing our accuser. Feel sorry for me.

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Two Catholic beliefs that are insane. (1) Masturbation is a venal sin. Pedaphelia is a mistake. (2) Abortion and birth control are both wrong. Notice how many old white lawmakers in DC have been all up in arms about these two issues like they are important?

Supreme Court made up of mostly Catholics. Vatican control of US...Not representative.Think I know how they do this....it's the money. Hopefully that will soon be drained.

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