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Lloyd Kaufman is a VERRRRYYYY suspicious player in this Pizzagate/Pedogate saga! Upvoat!

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@ronnyCPI, you did not include a link for this:

Note the pic of a door in a post that has a sign "Short Film Department."

Also, you are using as support, a post we have flaired because it hasn't met our first and second submission rules yet. It claims:

Lloyd has MANY very disturbing tweets and IG posts that allude to, and in many cases outright call for, satanic child sacrifice. There is also no shortage of pedo-themed "jokes" on his various social media platforms.

But it hasn't actually supported this claim and currently is flaired for removal. And while the links you've shared are creepy, they don't support this claim, either. Please add additional links in the next 24 hours. Thanks.

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Also, please add a short description for each of the Instagram links, so that people will know what they are about before they click.

Thank you.

Rule 3: EACH link in your post must include a description of content and how the link relates to the post (except when markup is used to embed links

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@ronnyCPI, since you have opted not to edit this post as requested, we are going to have to remove it. I suggest you thoroughly review our submission requirements and ask any questions you may have, because repeated disregard for them will result in a ban.

Removing per rules 2 and 3.

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Lol, wow what a huge swing and a miss. I actual just created an account just to call you out on this.

Lloyd Kaufman is a long time B horror movie director producer. The Toxic Avenger is one of his many over the top films, so I’m sure those pictures are of special effects from his films.

Also, Blue Apron is a pretty popular service that mails you meal ingredients for you to cook at home. Maybe get outside and stretch your legs a bit.

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@feednana Have you seen this? Feel free to provide your best defense of this bullshit,,,


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The horror genre is full of pedophile writers like Stephen King. What makes the special effects from it any different?

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@feednana just so you know duh, I'm not the first to point out sick fuck's "eccentricities," if you bothered to read some of the comments on his Instagram posts.

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@feednana by the way, thanx for "calling me out." Gives me an opportunity to blast Lloyd's shill.