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Wow, what an eye-opener. I bet 99% of women undergoing an abortion are unaware of this travesty. I would like to see anti-abortion advocates focus on educating women about this, if they are not already doing so.

I could envision some legislation that requires disclosure on a consent form and permitting a allow recovering of only the umbilical cord while mandating some kind of dignified disposal of the remains of the fetus. I remain an adocate of abortion but I am in favor of lots of restrictions. If such restrictions cannot be achieved by an individual (ie, 1st trimester only) , then the woman needs to "man up" and face the consequences by completing the pregnancy and arranging for adoption.

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hi, just wanted to respond to this, for what it's worth . i am a former planned parenthood clinic employee (emphasis on 'former') and from what i gathered (along with what i was officially told), the cash-for-baby-parts agreements are the exception rather than the rule; i personally witnessed all kinds of parts (euphemistically referred to as 'product of conception' or 'POC') that was packaged up and stored in a freezer for pickup by stericycle, who were then responsible for incinerating it.

i always did wonder a bit about stericycle.... they are responsible for processing god knows how much of the medical 'waste' in this country. i wonder if anything ever 'fell off the truck' on the way to the incinerator ? ... total speculation on my part. but, let's say that if there were some sort of a demand for a nondescript sort of 'tissue slurry' ... not sure what the effect of deep freeze would have ... but i did always think, rather morbidly (well. it's a gallon of dead babies, after all), as i was putting the day's container in the freezer that surely , somebody somewhere would pay good money for this.....