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Human fetal tissue has stem cells that can turn into ANYTHING. That is why they are so valuable. The stem cells can be obtained from a grown human, but they are never as powerful as embryonic stem cells. In most of the studies using stem cells both adult and embryonic stem cells are tested to see how they perform. As embryonic stem cells are undifferentiated, they can be put anywhere in the body. But a fetus has to be aborted for these to be acquired. Not good.

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I thought they could also get the same stem cells from cord blood? That's why parents bank their baby's cord blood shortly after birth because it can be used later in life should the baby suffer any health concerns? A baby doesn't need to be killed to her the cord blood, but we know killing a baby is an added bonus for these sickos.

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Cord stem cells are multipotent but fetal stem cells are pluripotent. Aborted baby cells are much more powerful because they can turn into anything (except a baby). Here's the difference:

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This is beyond disgusting. I can't even think about all the money they are making from this. Stomach churning. No wonder they want to keep people as poor as they can. Knowledge and Education is power. Who are the women that are providing these these poor little babies? Just typing these words makes me sick and cry. These people are monsters, imo.

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I absolutely agree: education is power. That's why the US has a poor education system. I think it wants to keep its masses disempowered and unable to think critically.