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Wow, what an eye-opener. I bet 99% of women undergoing an abortion are unaware of this travesty. I would like to see anti-abortion advocates focus on educating women about this, if they are not already doing so.

I could envision some legislation that requires disclosure on a consent form and permitting a woman.to allow recovering of only the umbilical cord while mandating some kind of dignified disposal of the remains of the fetus. I remain an adocate of abortion but I am in favor of lots of restrictions. If such restrictions cannot be achieved by an individual (ie, 1st trimester only) , then the woman needs to "man up" and face the consequences by completing the pregnancy and arranging for adoption.

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hi, just wanted to respond to this, for what it's worth . i am a former planned parenthood clinic employee (emphasis on 'former') and from what i gathered (along with what i was officially told), the cash-for-baby-parts agreements are the exception rather than the rule; i personally witnessed all kinds of parts (euphemistically referred to as 'product of conception' or 'POC') that was packaged up and stored in a freezer for pickup by stericycle, who were then responsible for incinerating it.

i always did wonder a bit about stericycle.... they are responsible for processing god knows how much of the medical 'waste' in this country. i wonder if anything ever 'fell off the truck' on the way to the incinerator ? ... total speculation on my part. but, let's say that if there were some sort of a demand for a nondescript sort of 'tissue slurry' ... not sure what the effect of deep freeze would have ... but i did always think, rather morbidly (well. it's a gallon of dead babies, after all), as i was putting the day's container in the freezer that surely , somebody somewhere would pay good money for this.....

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Human fetal tissue has stem cells that can turn into ANYTHING. That is why they are so valuable. The stem cells can be obtained from a grown human, but they are never as powerful as embryonic stem cells. In most of the studies using stem cells both adult and embryonic stem cells are tested to see how they perform. As embryonic stem cells are undifferentiated, they can be put anywhere in the body. But a fetus has to be aborted for these to be acquired. Not good.

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I thought they could also get the same stem cells from cord blood? That's why parents bank their baby's cord blood shortly after birth because it can be used later in life should the baby suffer any health concerns? A baby doesn't need to be killed to her the cord blood, but we know killing a baby is an added bonus for these sickos.

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Cord stem cells are multipotent but fetal stem cells are pluripotent. Aborted baby cells are much more powerful because they can turn into anything (except a baby). Here's the difference: http://www.cordbloodsolutions.com/emvsum.aspx?AspxAutoDetectCookieSupport=1

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This is beyond disgusting. I can't even think about all the money they are making from this. Stomach churning. No wonder they want to keep people as poor as they can. Knowledge and Education is power. Who are the women that are providing these these poor little babies? Just typing these words makes me sick and cry. These people are monsters, imo.

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I absolutely agree: education is power. That's why the US has a poor education system. I think it wants to keep its masses disempowered and unable to think critically.

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Something I didn't know: "Aborted" babies are not always dead babies when it comes to harvesting their cells for vaccines:'

The tissues were obtained from a live aborted fetus! “They further noted how they induced labor using a “water bag” abortion to shorten the delivery time and prevent the death of the fetus to ensure live intact organs which were immediately sent to the labs for cell preparation.” http://vaccineimpact.com/2015/new-fetal-cell-line-from-live-abortion-emerges-for-vaccine-production/

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Yes. I have read this before. Imagine what they are doing to those babies while they are alive. Heartbreaking and Stomach Turning. These people are committing torture and SRA and murder, imo. If that seems harsh, I am sorry. They have lied to the American people about how they are not babies just like a little dot. BS.

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Don't know how the people involved in the chain of custody of baby body parts from abortion to delivery at research centers can sleep at night. I couldn't stand looking at the formaldehyde embalmed baby specimens in the college anatomy lab.

What goes round, comes round: there are studies apparently now saying that fetal cells in vaccines are causing autism. https://www.lifenews.com/2014/09/09/study-links-autism-to-vaccines-made-with-cells-from-aborted-babies/

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That would make sense because in many trials taking fetal cells and transplanting them into damaged organs (hoping that the stem cells would regenerate the organ) the cells created cancer masses because they regenerated haphazardly. Why are they putting fetal cells into vaccines when they know that fetal cells can cause cancer?

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"They" think fetal DNA has less chance of introducing cancer causing viruses than animal cells. Polio vaccines were grown on monkey kidney broth leading to Simian viruses implanted in many of us. http://www.sv40foundation.org/CPV-link.html http://www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/hidden-connection-behind-viruses-vaccines-and-cancer

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Not surprised at any of the autism connection to vaccines. As far as sleeping, these people make so much money from this disgusting biz and come use to their lifestyle. You and I surely are already disgusted and laying my head on a pillow at night, I can't even. Scares me that there are these kind of people walking this earth.

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Yes! Thank You! Do I have to replace it with this or can I just put it at the bottom I wonder. Not good at the posting.

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you can just replace the link with the one that I gave you.

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Hi @carmencita,

Could you please fix the link and write a brief description of its relevance to pizzagate in order to conform with Rule 3? Will flair this for 24 hours to give you time to edit.


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I did include the relevance to pizzagate near the end of the post. I am not good at fixing links but I will try. Hopefully someone could lend a hand.

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Sorry, my apologies if I missed that inclusion at the end, I didn't read carefully enough and initially thought the whole post was a copy/paste from that link.

Try removing the "(com)" and replacing it with a single period "."

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It's so disgusting that they've been doing this. How can anyone do this to a baby? Unreal!

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This world is made of some really sick morons that are so money hungry they have not any morals and it seems like nothing is sinful to them. Soros is invested in the company that does 80% of the abortions in this country. Imagine that kind of money. Boggles the Mind. It's all about the power. I believe Bezos is the next Soros. People don't realize when they buy from Amazon what they are building up.

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Ugh.. note to self, do more research on Amazon and force feed it to my family members.

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Modern Canaanite god worship.

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Yeah, we had a post on here about a movie with real actors, not a cartoon from 1914 and they threw a real baby into the fire as a sacrifice to the god. Someone said it was Canaanite as well. It is their way of keeping up their old sick satanic traditions.

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