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Fuck the Vatican and its rapist marxist pope.

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I don't use such language, but in this case, I must agree. May he forever burn in the fires of hell.

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If anyone chooses to remain involved with the Catholic Church after their disgusting pedophilia has been exposed, at least do NOT give them another dime! Giving that institution money is enabling them to continue their rape of children! Stop!

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The Boy Scouts are doing the same: https://www.voat.co/v/pizzagate/2537837


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They'll blow a ton of money to fight laws

Yes. And they did so in other US states as well, not only in NY. It's outrageous. Remember this the next time the Pope says he is sooooo sooooorrrryyy for what happened to children raped by priests.

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Filings show the lobbyists were retained, in part, to work on issues associated with "statute of limitations" and "timelines for commencing certain civil actions related to sex offenses." Other issues included parochial school funding and investment tax credits.

Statute of Limitations. What all Victims have been hoping for is for them to be removed. They are fighting with the money of their Followers to keep the Victims from getting their deserved Justice from the priest child rapists. Dolan has no intention in cooperating with a NY Grand Jury. Bleeping Liar.

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I wonder what kind of entertainment they provided for those lobbyists. Perverts.

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Thank you for posting this. There has been a long time effort to overturn the SOL laws in NY, but it always manages to get blocked, and now we know why. I can't wait till the New York can of worms gets blown wide open.

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Just like California

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