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I cannot believe I am shocked. I have thought that nothing he says could still shock me. I agree with your entire description of this venomous pervert. He is a Narcissist and we know what other group are Narcissists. He is scouring the earth for Vigano. If he is found dead we know where to look. Here is a prayer I had forgotten. It is a recommended prayer by exorcists and very good for Victims and those that have demons. You should also read the end for it has an interesting piece about how the prayer was changed and by whom

The Prayer to St Michael the Archangel It was written by Pope Leo XIII for a special reason.

I am going to say this everyday now. I tried to help the person Brandon and sent him many links and much information regarding his SRA and the demons. It took me 7 hours to finish it all. My laptop screen kept turning white and things kept disappearing. Over and over. I never had such a problem. I believe the devil was at work.

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Bravo, Carmencita! I'm printing this and carrying it with me till I memorize it. That and Hail Holy Queen. If only congregations addressed by shameful priests/bishops would chant this prayer over and above their sermons each time till the message carries. Somewhat like singing "we will overcome".

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Yes! If I were a Victim (which I thank God I'm not) I would recite this every hour of the day. What moves me is that Pope Leo was at a dangerous crossroads just as we are now and that's why he came up with that prayer. I will keep posting it in the comments in appropriate posts. This is good for Catholics, Christians, Protestants, whatever faith really that believes in the devil. That is the problem, people have been led to believe his is not around. But he is, that is why our people have fallen just like before the fall of Rome. This is frightening, where our country is today. This must be turned around. I will say the prayer before going to bed. I have a Blessed Virgin statue and she stands atop satan. As she should be.

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Thanks for this. I'll start praying it as well. Very scary about your computer. Get the rosary beads and holy water out!

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I have said mine 2 days now and will not stop. I have the Rosary but no holy water. I don't even know how to get any, anymore. It's been so long. I don't trust any priest I know. I am afraid it will be blessed by a pedo priest! I have even been checking out vintage scapulars. But my Virgin Mary statue stands at the front door. The devil lays under her feet. Next to her is an umbrella stand with pointy umbrellas. She will take care of him if he darkens this door. LOL.