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"Anyone concerned about the actions of clergy or any Church worker should contact our Manager of Victim Outreach and Prevention" No, call the local police first and last, skip the Church.

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that is akin to reporting a Scientologist to someone within Scientology, they'll ignore it, and help them cover it up. I'd report to the cops, never ask questions to the church itself.

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Hear, hear!

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Hmm. You make a good point. I think I would call police and maybe then contact a church in this diocese? He says he will cooperate and wants to change things for seminarians. But at this point there must be some we can trust. It's hard to know who to trust. Vigano is a good guy and a few that stood up for him. Sigh. This is frustrating.

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I sort of think there should be push towards ending the celibacy requirements of catholic priests. If the current pope can come out against "discrimination" or abomination, maybe a movement ending celibacy could end the attraction of pedophile predators. Idk, is this a movement others have tried? It's interesting that JFK was hated by many for being catholic. He was scum in so many deviant ways, but his religion wasn't what got him killed. How about a social media movement ending celibacy in the catholic church? They hide behind it and they use it.

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Are you thinking married priests will be less prone to degeneracy? The church used to have married priests. They ended up trying to pass on their positions to their kids, and trying to amass wealth for their heirs from charitable contributions. Also, as vicars of Christ, who did not marry but gave himself completely, they can't be an ideal stand in if they have a family.

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I'm not saying it would end degeneracy, but I don't think celibacy helps either. You can't only think of the big fish. The small ones can be attracted for degenerate reasons. Are you telling me pedophile priests are devout Catholics? Women and marriage tame moral men. This is for the purpose of having good and competent children to pass on their genetics and values. Men protect and provide in so many ways. How does promising a degenerate person a pass from a traditional relationship and family not attract degenerates from flocking and abusing just bc they can and get away with it?

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Perhaps a reexamination of the Bible would answer this question. No man comes to the Father except through Christ, not except through a priest standing in for Christ.

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Hi there! The RCC has refused to grant the priests celibacy before. They have been pressured by the flock and to no avail. I think it is a great idea, but knowing the pope he will come up with the wonderful idea of granting marriage to all of them which would bring up the problem with the gay priests. Hah. Can you imagine married gay priests in the Church. LOL.

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I feel like that's where this guy is heading.

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@carmencita I actually can imagine married gay priests, they have married lesbians in the Lutheran / Episcopalian / Methodist etc. denominations if I'm not mistaken. That would never be permitted in the Baptist church. Those guys have to hide it.

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Celibacy is a really really stupid idea. Sex is in human nature, and regarding it as a bad thing causes all kinds of problems. People need to get married and be faithful to their spouses, priests shouldn't try to be celibate. The first two people created were husband and wife, and God commanded us to be fruitful and multiply. Not to pretend we're God.

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This is very good news. More and more good bishops are speaking out, but it sure does take courage. Arbp. Vigano has reportedly activated a "dead man's switch" which will automatically release all the files he has on the Vatican and the Pope in case of his sudden death. He is currently a fugitive from Rome and his whereabouts are unknown. Michael Voris of Church Militant said they can confirm that Arbp Vigano lives in legitimate fear of his life.


In other news, Pope Bergoglio at his daily Mass called the current media attention on Catholic bishops an attack from the "Great Accuser" and exhorted bishops to stay humble and pray:

“In these times, it seems like the Great Accuser has been unchained and is attacking bishops. True, we are all sinners, we bishops. He tries to uncover the sins, so they are visible in order to scandalize the people. The Great Accuser, as he himself says to God in the first chapter of the Book of Job, ‘roams the earth looking for someone to accuse’ A bishop’s strength against the Great Accuser is prayer, that of Jesus and his own, and the humility of being chosen and remaining close to the people of God, without seeking an aristocratic life that removes this unction. Let us pray, today, for our bishops: for me, for those who are here, and for all the bishops throughout the world.”

Just one question: I'm a lifelong Catholic, fairly well versed in Catholic teaching and culture, and I've never heard the term, "The Great Accuser". This guy has the most surreal phraseology and the most backward morality I've ever seen. He twists the words of Jesus and the Bible into unrecognizable notions and turns God into a bastardized, low, smirking, oily character who endorses every word and action of the Holy Francis. I can't wait till he's gone, and we can fumigate the Church of him and his cronies.

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I cannot believe I am shocked. I have thought that nothing he says could still shock me. I agree with your entire description of this venomous pervert. He is a Narcissist and we know what other group are Narcissists. He is scouring the earth for Vigano. If he is found dead we know where to look. Here is a prayer I had forgotten. It is a recommended prayer by exorcists and very good for Victims and those that have demons. You should also read the end for it has an interesting piece about how the prayer was changed and by whom


The Prayer to St Michael the Archangel It was written by Pope Leo XIII for a special reason.

I am going to say this everyday now. I tried to help the person Brandon and sent him many links and much information regarding his SRA and the demons. It took me 7 hours to finish it all. My laptop screen kept turning white and things kept disappearing. Over and over. I never had such a problem. I believe the devil was at work.

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Bravo, Carmencita! I'm printing this and carrying it with me till I memorize it. That and Hail Holy Queen. If only congregations addressed by shameful priests/bishops would chant this prayer over and above their sermons each time till the message carries. Somewhat like singing "we will overcome".

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Thanks for this. I'll start praying it as well. Very scary about your computer. Get the rosary beads and holy water out!

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I'm referring to him from now on as the Anti Pope.

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Me, too. It's official now, as far as I'm concerned.

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Sedevacantism is the position, held by some traditionalist Catholics,[1][2] that the present occupier of the Holy See is not truly pope due to the mainstream church's espousal of the heresy of modernism and that, for lack of a valid pope, the See has been vacant since the death of Pope Pius XII in 1958. Sede vacante: seat being vacant https://en.wik ipedia.org/wiki/Sedevacantism

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it isnt just proper accountability, its consequences

what do this Priest think should be dome to the Pedophille homosexual Priests

the Church has been strongly against both


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This was my question. That is something he did not mention. I commend him for speaking out, many have been ostracized and attacked for doing so by the Vatican. Yes, all this is making me SMH too.

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do they not have laws that forbid this?

what is the punishment for breaking this law?

do they have a plan to enforce it?

if not, let them speel their oral flatulence to themselves

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The Catholic Church will never heal unless it breaks away from the Pope and drains the swamp.