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links added! Remove the flair and 24 grace, please and thank you! - PEDO JOKE - Lloyd tweeting to James Gunn "@james_gunn Thanks for not revealing that I Men-tored U at Nambla meeting." - CHILD SACRIFICE JOKE - Lloyd tweets "@HeatherHorror IToxie and I don"t just follow @HeatherHorror,we sacrifice small children to her" - SATANIC BABY SACRIFICE JOKE - Lloyd tweets "@Videology @tromateamvideo I love Videology but Friday I have a long standing Santanic Baby sacrifice to attend."


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Thank you Psalm144. Appreciate it. I'm removing the flair. I have decided not to give this the Accuracy flair due to the number of actual pedo jokes you've pinpointed. There's a lot of nefarious crap clinging to this guy, and your language is conditional.