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That clip was from an old CNN "Showbiz Today"--probably 1984, the year the show first aired. Interestingly, Kaufman said Troma had been around for 15 years. That means it was started around 1974-75. Without the internet, distribution of por*n films would have been done the old fashioned way. The new CNN show would have been eager to fill its guest roster, and did not yet rate A+ lister interviews. Kaufman saw his chance to get in some free advertising for his "films." GREAT FIND!

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@Psalm144-1, we're going to need more links than just this video supporting your claims that this is directly related to Pizzagate. Like the pedo-themed social media posts he's made for example. I'll give you the 24 Hour Grace flair so you can edit. Thanks.

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I couldn't hear much, but when he pulled that huge gooey piece of pizza out, I wanted to throw up. There is no way you are wrong about what this perverted pedo scumbag is up to.

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you're gonna want to try and re-listen. use headphones and turn volume alllll the way up! It's important to hear the whole thing because it is verrrrry insightful as to hwo these people operate...

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Will you believe I don't have head phones? I will try again tomorrow. He looks Super Smarmy. Greasy and Oily. EEK. Just like a pizza. Ugh.

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That was weird. You’re probably right. I feel sick.

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Pie, Pizza, Troma (Trauma)

He also says: "We look at the film industry like a big PIE" We know that PIE stands for "Pedophile Information Exchange" under those circles.

Just all a coincidence?

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The PIE connection, I didn't even think of that. wow.

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https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=F_K64oYN7OY :

Lloyd Kaufman “cheese pizza” Interview - YouTube

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Cheese Pizza = Child Porn, Clean Strong = Child Sex, Lloyd says that when they aren't going after their slice, sometimes they make horror or comedy movies.

I guess producing low budget movies is a good way to launder your CP money.

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GREAT COMMENT! I noticed that too. Actually he was very blatant about what he was promoting! Currently, he bills himself as a horror/comedy producer.

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How about when the interviewer says "I want EXTRA CHEESE!" and Lloyd responds "Well thats the point"

wink wink, nudge nudge

These people are going down!!

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WOW! Nail on the head... Troma films pop up all over, they aren't good, I've always wondered how those films seemed omnipresent across various digital movie hubs. Haha, this explains it to me.

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Very, very suspicious

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