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I don't believe the 'bunker against the Koreans' story for a minute. Further information on relatives;

Dr Asher Beckwitt

Consulted With Researchers at:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Peace Corp Walter Reed Army Medical Center Stanford University Johns Hopkins University Georgetown University Nova Southeastern University George Washington University George Mason University University of Phoenix Walden University

Uh huh. See my 'tunnels' comment.

A disgruntled customer :

More specifically, we do not accept reviews from Dr. Beckwitt's former students at Northcentral University (where Dr. Beckwitt served as a Dissertation Chair)

On Facebook:

I wonder why she asked that question?

Dilshad Dayani is an educator, author, leadership trainer, feminist activist, and a broadcast journalist.

She is a faculty of Strategic Communication and Negotiation to Enterprise Risk Management professionals at the Columbia University.

Dilshad has served 3 decades of civic leadership in gender equity as an immigrant. She was the founding Vice-President of advocacy for the United States National Commission-UN WOMEN Dallas Chapter, and has also served as a UN correspondent and president of National Diversity Council for women- Dallas Chapter. Dilshad has served at the State Department building citizen diplomacy and coordinating international diplomats. She has been a communication coach for fortune 500 companies and a community advisor on media for PBS for 8 years.

As a strategic collaborator she loves to connect resources that impact scalability. Her mission and passion to impact disadvantaged girls started at the age of 13, when she saved and tutored victims of child abuse in Pakistan and later created youth intervention modules to support girls in Karachi.

Here she is speaking at the Clinton Global Initiative