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[–] darkknight111 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago The guy was hacking into a school.

Given the other articles, this is suspiscious as fuck,


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He was arrested in 2013 for adding keystroke logging software to University of Illinois Urbana computers. Wonder why? He was convicted. But then he made millions daytrading and trading bitcoin? I'd say suspicious AF!

The conviction didn’t steer Beckwitt away from computers after he moved back to Maryland. In 2016, he spoke at a hacker convention using the alias “3AlarmLampscooter” and wearing a fire-resistant suit and visor that obscured his face.

Wink said Beckwitt was teaching his audience how to make thermite bombs to destroy computer data “in order to get away with hacking.”

Bonsib said his client’s use of a pseudonym and disguise was harmless, typical of the “weird things” people do on the internet.

His "mentoring" of the college kid who burned up digging the tunnels in return for an investment in the kid's internet startup sounds a lot like grooming to me.

Also interesting that the fire was on Sept. 10.


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Hey @Vindicator, do we remove the flair, or should @Shizy repost to v/pizzagatewhatever? Saw that the flair has been up for two days now. Thanks!