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Ok I was expecting that. I have been trying to find out more about him. What has been reported is limited and sounds really sketchy.

[–] Vindicator 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

Well it kind of sounds like he was grooming the dude digging the tunnels:

Also, the fire happened Sept. 10...I can't recall if there is a theory with any supporting evidence that 9/11 was a spirit cooking sacrifice near a satanic holiday or not, but that might be an angle. The fact the guy mysteriously became rich "daytrading", gives talks in fireproof suits on how to use thermite, and later burned someone up I think makes it worth considering he may have been courting "Moloch".

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Honeybee_ did a pretty comprehensive thread about the satanic calendar you might be able to find some connections in:

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These are what the super rich are building for their safety should Trump and the good guys come to arrest them. Simples.....they just 'die' and go underground -

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Could be. This guy sounds really nut. Brilliant, but nuts! He was arrested while a student at U of Illinois for hacking. He was found to be in possession of thermite. He said it is used to destroy hard drives:

This article from shortly after the fire says the bomb squad was brought in and chemicals were tested! Thee is speculation online that he was building bombs and worked for the deep state: