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"In a lawsuit filed against the homeowners, David and Daniel Beckwitt, county officials say the network of tunnels is larger than they originally thought and extend across property lines, and even under Danbury Road."


"At a community meeting in January, Khafra’s father told the crowd that before his son died, he had told his girlfriend about tunnels 100 feet long, 15 feet below ground level and special rooms he was not allowed into."

Residents/homeowners on both sides, behind, and across the street could be looked into.

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Wow! Good finds! Thank you.

I found his mothers obituary. She died in 2010. One of the daily mail articles I linked to said there was one other person in the home at the time. I suspect it was Beckwitt's father as it was the family home

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Have you got the link to the obituary?

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https://mobile.twitter.com/jamiedlux/status/1039670197874028544 The guy was hacking into a school.

Given the other articles, this is suspiscious as fuck,

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He was arrested in 2013 for adding keystroke logging software to University of Illinois Urbana computers. Wonder why? He was convicted. But then he made millions daytrading and trading bitcoin? I'd say suspicious AF!


The conviction didn’t steer Beckwitt away from computers after he moved back to Maryland. In 2016, he spoke at a hacker convention using the alias “3AlarmLampscooter” and wearing a fire-resistant suit and visor that obscured his face.

Wink said Beckwitt was teaching his audience how to make thermite bombs to destroy computer data “in order to get away with hacking.”

Bonsib said his client’s use of a pseudonym and disguise was harmless, typical of the “weird things” people do on the internet.

His "mentoring" of the college kid who burned up digging the tunnels in return for an investment in the kid's internet startup sounds a lot like grooming to me.

Also interesting that the fire was on Sept. 10.

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Hey @Vindicator, do we remove the flair, or should @Shizy repost to v/pizzagatewhatever? Saw that the flair has been up for two days now. Thanks!

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@Shizy, do we know anything else about this guy that would lead us to believe he might have an interest in child trafficking? I think we have to flair this per Rule 1, since at this point it's only speculatively related. Let's give it 24 hours for further digging, and if nothing turns up, repost in v/pizzagatewhatever for future reference. Thanks for sharing it...dude sounds pretty whack.

We definitely need more information on who his associates are, how he got his money, etc.

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I would argue that this topic and the link is what I’d call “normie friendly”.

It gives evidence that the “underground tunnels” of rich and powerful theory we talk about has solid merit behind it.

Not so much “direct” evidence, but strong “support” evidence.

I’d suggest OP finds links proving that trafficking networks use underground tunnel networks to transport “goods” (even drugs and weapons trafficking since those are often correlated with sex trafficking). Which would get the nornies heads churning and start thinking logically.

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Thanks for the support and ideas! I will keep digging into this one.

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This is Beckwitt speaking at ShmooCon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33bouyeSh-w

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This guy is paranoid about data security, destroying data if the cops show up... at 4:42 he mentions that such data might include sexual blackmail videos.

AKA 3AlarmLampscooter http://archive.is/PLTEt

On reddit he was discussing ways to anonymize blackmail payments via crypto-currency. And expressing his ideas about underage transitioning giving the child superpowers. http://archive.is/cruit

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Ok I was expecting that. I have been trying to find out more about him. What has been reported is limited and sounds really sketchy.

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Well it kind of sounds like he was grooming the dude digging the tunnels: https://archive.fo/9785K#selection-3850.0-3862.3

Also, the fire happened Sept. 10...I can't recall if there is a theory with any supporting evidence that 9/11 was a spirit cooking sacrifice near a satanic holiday or not, but that might be an angle. The fact the guy mysteriously became rich "daytrading", gives talks in fireproof suits on how to use thermite, and later burned someone up I think makes it worth considering he may have been courting "Moloch".

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These are what the super rich are building for their safety should Trump and the good guys come to arrest them. Simples.....they just 'die' and go underground - https://edition.cnn.com/videos/tv/2017/01/28/super-rich-building-luxury-doomsday-bunkers.cnn

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I always found it odd that Daniel Beckwitt was commenting on Reddit on September 3rd-4th 2017 about a man on fire and just a few days later a fire in his bunker killed a man on Sept. 10, 2017.

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As a computer guy my self. I would like all Law Enforcement to understand what really was going on with the MD Beckwitt's. The Millionaire who had tunnels built & worker dies. He was a bitcoin guy. He also was known for Child sexual trafficking of the most horrible.


Daniel Beckwitt (born 1991) is an American security researcher, phone phreak, convicted computer criminal and grey hat hacker known for presenting work on digital currency, anti-computer forensics and signals intelligence at computer security conferences including DEF CON, Shmoocon and Skytalks.

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More on that William Schubert tweet: here's a list of his tweets about trafficking and he mentions tunnels alot - https://twitter.com/search?q=%40William51905372%20trafficking&src=typd

and a list of his bitcoin tweets: https://twitter.com/search?q=%40William51905372%20bitcoin&src=typd

W. Schubert is the vice president of C.O.P.I.N.G. http://theyarecoping.org/

He is also an engineer at Northrop Grumann https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Northrop_Grumman


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@Vindicator: please see comment above. Would it suffice if @Shizy edits the first link in?

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Sounds good. :-)

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Off thread topic...so maybe I'll post in a relevant thread on the board But I'm connecting some dots in\around NEPA (that's PA) centered on the fall-out of the pedo church scandal. Found some anomalies centered on individuals who have reach-back into telecom, .Gov elected positions, info discrepancies btw social media and other data sources, reach-back into "human services" foundations, and employment with another non-profit that serves "venerable youth". Downloaded OpenSource GIS so I can build the network. Don't think the nests\webs should be broadcast otherwise the IT folks in position to protect the web are alerted.

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Oh wow! Another great find! You are awesome at digging! Thank you for your help! There is definitely something more to this story that is being suppressed for a reason.

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Docs: In the "inside the basement" is where firefighters found the "naked, charred" body of Askia Khafra, 21 hired to dig the tunnels 2/4


According to witnesses, Beckwitt was shirtless and covered in dirt after the fire happened.

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Mother's obit: https://www.legacy.com/obituaries/name/linda-beckwitt-obituary?pid=147117633&view=guestbook

She lived at that same address along with husband David (who does not appear to be deceased). So, it is the family home and not just Daniel's. Daniel attended McLean High School, that's CIA territory (just sayin.. ) https://www.washingtonpost.com/archive/local/1987/05/13/dont-let-it-spook-you/8c6b9212-c154-42d3-97dd-4af8500ca01c/?utm_term=.6b5b99769c36

On the mother's obit is a comment from Suzy Karpel-Gebhardt. She is mentioned in this WP article: https://www.washingtonpost.com/archive/politics/1996/12/11/a-school-to-call-home/b5a6464f-c890-4951-bfe9-4072cd61f0e0/?utm_term=.8c0692376224

"They've got so many things going against them," said Bradley Hills guidance counselor Suzie Karpel-Gebhardt, who works closely with the Baptist Home shelter for Children and Families in Bethesda.

That place is also quite close to the house. Their website (interesting history) https://www.nccf-cares.org/our-history/


Before May 2018, the DCBC was also affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC).

Related voat posts:

SILENCE OF THE LAMBS: Are Protestant Christians concealing a Catholic-size sexual abuse scandal?

Laura Silsby Became Laura Gayler When She Married Norman 'Wade' Gayler, Regional Director of Emergency Services At Red Cross


MKULTRA in Australia: Part 5 – MKNAOMI & Dr Petrauskas https://pedophilesdownunder.com/2016/page/4/

MKULTRA was related to MKNAOMI – a joint CIA & Army Chemical & Biological-Weapons project based at Fort Detrick, Maryland, USA, that ran from 1953 to 1970. The project involved “developing, testing, and maintaining biological agents and delivery systems for use against humans as well as against animals and crops”. MKNAOMI received CIA funding through MKULTRA Sub-projects 13, 30 and 50.

Back to 1957 – Burnet organised with Dr. Joseph Smadel of Fort Detrick to send the military trained, Dr. Carelton Gajdusek to Papua New Guinea to study the Kuru Virus, which was discovered by Dr. Vincent Zigas[27]. Smadel and Lederberg were colleagues, having both been involved with military virus research together[28][29]. Zigas shared a house with Fiona Barnett’s Nazi, Hypno-ProgrammerDr. Leonas Petrauskas, and they were ‘dearest’ of friends. Burnet had employed Zigas to study the Kuru Virus in Papua New Guinea and collect samples of the virus for Burnet’s laboratory in Melbourne[30]. Gajdusek’s’ studies in Papua New Guinea were financed by the U.S. Army under a contract titled, “Field Studies on the Control of Infectious Disease of Military Importance” in connection with research at Fort Detrick[31]. He sent samples of the virus back to Smadel at the National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland – who was at the centre of all US Bio-weapons research at this time[32]. In 1959, Gajdusek, Zigas and Petrauskas were all working together in PNG[33]. Zigas would later travel to work with Gajdusek at the National Institutes of Health


Some 113 university, government, hospital and corporate laboratories engaged in research often with potential to be used for germ warfare have refused to disclose their operations to the public as required by Federal rules, a nonprofit watchdog agency has charged.

Instead of shutting their operations down, however, the National Institutes of Health(NIH), of Bethesda, Md., the government agency tasked with oversight of these laboratories, allows them to continue to operate, a peculiar stance for an entity that describes itself as "the steward of medical and behavioral research for the Nation."

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