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Excellent topic @Scoundrel. You may want to add a link or two to meet submission requirements.

I suspect that PP is like any meat rendering facility - nothing goes to waste. No clue about the adenochrome - the organs are all very tiny. I suspect that what can't get sold for "research" goes into _______ . I honestly don't even want to speculate about what they could be doing with the unused parts.

If you go back to PP founder Margaret Sanger, there is a clear line between PP-Eugenics-Nazis. Knowing what we know now, that we are under assault from the Satanic worshiping Deep State Nazis, the use of baby parts has probably been around since the beginning of time.

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Whoa, we had nothing to do with any of this. Hell, we were trying to fix it.


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I think HRC is calling you.

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Nazis were very logical in their eugenics though, satantic baby sacrifice was a bit off the charts for them