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Excellent topic @Scoundrel. You may want to add a link or two to meet submission requirements.

I suspect that PP is like any meat rendering facility - nothing goes to waste. No clue about the adenochrome - the organs are all very tiny. I suspect that what can't get sold for "research" goes into _______ . I honestly don't even want to speculate about what they could be doing with the unused parts.

If you go back to PP founder Margaret Sanger, there is a clear line between PP-Eugenics-Nazis. Knowing what we know now, that we are under assault from the Satanic worshiping Deep State Nazis, the use of baby parts has probably been around since the beginning of time.

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Whoa, we had nothing to do with any of this. Hell, we were trying to fix it.


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I think HRC is calling you.

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Nazis were very logical in their eugenics though, satantic baby sacrifice was a bit off the charts for them

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@Scoundrel, this is certainly worth investigating, but your thread needs supporting links for us to leave it up on the board, per our submission rules which are in the sidebar (view desktop site if on mobile). We just had a couple of good posts on whether adrenochrome can be harvested from the brain, which you can find by doing a keyword search on SearchVoat.co, limiting it to v/pizzagate, clicking the "search post body" box and looking up "adrenochrome".

I will give you the 24 Hour Grace flair so you can edit those links in.

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Sorry, some if us aren't as gifted or apparently have the time like others. :(

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Well, it's too bad you can't make the effort. You are welcome to repost as is to our purely speculative sub, v/pizzagatewhatever. I know a lot of folks are interested in this topic. Removing per Rule 2.

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The documentary The Silent Scream (I went to a Catholic school and we had to watch Silent Scream in our Religious Education class) demonstrates that unborn children do experience pain and terror as they're being murdered/dismembered, so it may well be possible to extract and manufacture adrenochrome.

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Ug.. maybe I didn't really want to know :(

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I will try to research this a bit more if the topic remains up. I had thought of this months ago. At that point I looked up pineal gland formation, and learned that it’s fully formed at around 16 weeks or four months gestation. As for Adrenochrome, the little bit I know (and you likely know) is that it’s an oxidized form of adrenaline manufactured in the adrenal glands - also formed by this time. Our bodies secrete adrenaline in higher amounts when under stress. As far as abortions, I have seen ultrasounds showing fetuses that looked like formed babies, trying so hard to escape from the suction tools being used by an abortionist. So yes that’s reflexive stress and since the endocrine gland are formed = more adrenaline > adrenochrome? I’ll go read a bit more but does any one out there know more about this all?

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I had read the gland maxes out at around the age of 14, 15

after that it starts to shrink

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Pineal gland? I’d not read of the maxing by age 14 however I’ve read that fluoride is toxic to the pineal gland. Reading that I wondered. If it’s true that the cabal or illuminati is poisoning us via Monsanto and our food supply perhaps they are the ones pushing fluoridation of our water supplies. Maybe they wanted to contribute to dumbing us down because the pineal gland is, at least in eastern religions, associated with wisdom. Maybe they thought if they could make us dumber we wouldnt be able to fight back? Conjecture other than fluoridation being toxic including to pineal glands.


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Some of those goods turn up alive at the door steps of elite families to be sacrificed to satan by elite families.

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I've always thought it was for the embryos and DNA tissue for their genetic research. and I don't mean good research. Cross breeding whatever they can come up with. Until it works. Question is. Have they succeeded ?

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In the CMP videos you can see them getting excited over the neural tissue of a 10 week old "fetus" There is so much on stem cells and blood / biologics I would not put it past anyone.

I've often wondered who can order from those parts websites

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The white race is capable of all evil. So it wouldn't surprise me. And if that bothers you, you got a problem. White neighborhoods have fertility clinics for the recessive kind and planned parenthood in the black/Hispanic/poor white areas.

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Who originated VooDoo? White ppl? I think all races and cultures have a part in creating awfulness. You are correct that Margaret Sanger placed most of her Planned Parenthood clinics in black neighborhoods which is terrible.

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it don't matter who originated voodoo. The white man is Satan.

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