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It's a British bloke, living in Thailand. Trying to sue an American-Canadian-South-African guy, over something that happened in Thailand, in American, Thai and fucking London courts.

Admittedly, I'm not a lawyer, but I just don't see how Elon is going to be held accountable in either a Thai or Londonistan court, when he lives in the US. I also don't see the US being willing to extradite Elon to Thailand to face any of the charges. And I don't see how a non-US citizen can sue in the US court system for an event that didn't even occur in the US.

This dick head is pissing into the wind. And the media is jumping on it because it'll be interesting for a few hours before the next breaking news story about how Trump did - well I'm actually struggling to think of something ridiculous enough but I just can't top the media coverage of two scoops of ice-cream.

I think you're a pedo, why don't you try and sue my hairy Australian arse (that currently resides in China) for defamation in a US/UK court... faggot.