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This is interesting. This is not an isolated incident. There was a saboteur in Tesla, and it appears that a lot of major companies have been trying to undermine him for a while. So suddenly a diver starts suing from multiple countries? Something is weird here.

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I don't really like Elon, but ha! What a bloody faggot. Suing over "words". Cunt has something to hide methinks.

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And a trial will bring it out. Imagine investigating if said claims are true by going to phuket and asking where that guy has been.

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Vernon did not sue the first time Musk called him "paedo guy" but is now suing after Musk says that he married a 12 year old child bride. Vernon's wife is actually 40 and he met her when she was 32. Liable is a serious business in Thailand which can result in arrest if failing to turn up in court and imprisonment if found guilty.

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And I image you know that "liable," as you put it, is a serious business in Thailand in the same way you know that "Thailand is NOT a place for child abusers and hasn't been for the last 20 years or so," right?

Remember how you scolded us (or, as you put it, "you people") for being "well out of date" on the subject? https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/2704405/13758644/10#13758644

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And your point is ??

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This should be quite interesting. Elon must have some hard evidence to back up his claims.

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the boner on the thai guy was the hard evidence, well have to see if it stands up in court.

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Lol, reminds me of that time a journalist asked a Taiwanese guy, when do you have elections in your country?

The guy said "just evely molning".

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Raff out roud

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It took me longer than it should to get that joke.... I had a hard time understanding it.

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No he has no evidence he said it based on a wild guess unless he can prove it he will lose badly. Elon will have to pay this guy a lot of money to avoid going to court. Or he can spend that money on investigators and try to prove his claim that the guy really is a pedo. Either way it's going to be expensive for him.

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It'd be cool if he did indeed know something and has been so brazen in his public accusations on purpose in the hope that it would end up in court where he could reveal what he knew for all to see.

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Elon must have some hard evidence to back up his claims.

I wouldn't hold my breath. Elon is a drughead.

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nigger what? he tokes with rogan once and suddenly he's a drug head?

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He's gonna Sue in the US? We let British old cunts fondling ladyboyd in Thailand Sue Americans?

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If what was said is not true, and the age of the cave guy's wife proves part of it isn't true, then the guy should sue.

Totally different standard for Musk. His words are picked up and carried because of who he is. If an average citizen speculated and made such allegations, who would even know? They wouldn't unless they hung around forums or were one of the three followers on the Twitter account of the guy making the remarks.

If it's true, it'll come out in court. If it's not, Musk should know better than to shoot his mouth off like that without proof. Of course, if it is true, and Musk can't prove it, I'd give Musk a huge wide pass because it must be frustrating to know this without being able to say it.

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Just an offhand opinion: Musk is part of the elite networks, set up purposefully to fail at Tesla (because it's a way to protect the oil-gas business), further Musk wouldn't be stupid enough to publicly slander someone and allow a potentially damaging lawsuit unless it was all a set-up to begin with, as a cautionary tale to those (some of us) who accuse pedos without absolute proof.

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standard - https://web.archive.org/web/20180906074647/https://www.standard.co.uk/news/world/cave-diver-called-paedo-by-elon-musk-to-sue-him-in-thailand-london-and-us-a3928796.html

techrepublic - https://archive.is/KihhN

teslarati - https://archive.is/i0PI2

engadget - https://archive.is/B5sZS

quora - https://archive.is/WcLhp

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