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This is what I like to see. Thank you.

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Thanks, just trying to do my part!

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The CIA has "Hiding in Plain Sight" as part of their curriculum for their own people.

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Interesting, good to know.

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Lawrence E. King Jr. is supposedly manager at Food Lion Supermarket 720 S King St, Leesburg, VA 20175. But I highly doubt you will find him here as this is probably just another "no show" job like the dealership. How many miles from Langley?

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Hey! Do you have any source for that?

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compromising people with child sex blackmail, from my research, is the most effective way people / governments gain and retain power.

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washingtonlife - https://archive.is/BHM35

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Interesting post, thank you.

Could you please elaborate on this:

Worth pointing out that there is speculation that William Colby, who officially drowned in a “canoeing” accident, may have been working to expose, or at least trying to put to an end, CIA abuse of children, and that he was killed because of it.

Who speculated, and why did they think he worked to end CIA abuse of children? Thanks.

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John DeCamp in "The Franklin Cover-Up" said that Bill Colby in the 80s worked for a time as a consultant on the Franklin scandal when the Nebraska legislature was investigating it, through their "Franklin" special committee. DeCamp had this to say about Colby's involvement with trying to expose the Franklin Scandal: "Bill Colby was the heart and soul of the Franklin investigation. Although at a certain point he warned me against investigating the case further, it was he who relentlessly pushed to publicly expose what had already been discovered, when everyone else, including, at times, myself, wanted to call it quits. Without him, this book would never have been written."

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Interesting, thanks. I take everything John DeCamp wrote with a grain of salt though, since David Shurter, a SRA survivor from Nebraska, accused DeCamp of being a pedo himself, and a limited hangout, and that his book was damage control.

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Good work