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What fuckery is up with that title, do you think? The study isn't about blood drinking. It's about transfusions. Drinking it would literally destroy the benefits. You think this is rampant disinfo?

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Don’t think so. There is a disease (porphyria I think its called) that can be treated by drinking blood. Likely there is something in the blood that is not destroyed by digestion. I would not br surprised if some sickos drank human blood. Heme is likely not destroyed by digestion.

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Yes its porphyria its also known as the "Vampire Disease" It can be passed down genetically and can be caused by blood drinking, so spirit cooking, and transfusions for youth, are likely why it is prevalent amongst the rich. Also Chlorophyll is a perfect ethical replacement for the heme people with porphyria need to replace, its identical to heme except with an inner ring of Magnesium instead of Iron, which shouldnt matter for this purpose. "Heres where it gets crazy" one conspiracy I heard was that JFK was said to have known about all this and wanted to "go straight" so was killed for it because the Purple Scions of the elites families didnt want this new True Blood they wanted their traditions and rituals. Im not sure how true it is but its interesting.

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Ottoman-linked/inspired propaganda designed to play on bias/fear/superstition and otherwise sensationalize the contents of the article - given that a good portion of people would just see the headline & image and then either ignore the article content or otherwise let it manipulate their perception thereof.

The study isn't disinfo, but, the headlines and images are specifically chosen in order to mess with the audience - be it just for the sake of click-baiting or deliberate manipulation/distraction.

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I think this post by SKY News gave the impression of 'drinking blood' because of the vampire fangs they have with their article: Young blood an elixir that prevents age-related diseases, study reveals However, you are right its injections LOOK at the following article at the bottom of the page!! Baby poo probiotic 'cocktail' could help fight disease, say scientists - EDIT: It does say 'drinking' young blood -