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Sounds like you want to get your story out. Why don't you make yourself available for interviews with the Youtubers who are researching SRA, eg Nathan Stolpman?

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Research Nathan Stolpman before contacting. Watch his interactions with defango before. He’s been exposed and is trying to garner points and be a self proclaimed gate keeper. The guys has changed his stripes many times, a tool.

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Get a gun. Protect yourself. You deserve to live. They deserve death.

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Hi Brandon. Do you have to live in Nebraska? This is not a good place for you, considering your SRA. I am presuming you have heard of the Franklin Scandal and also LE is seriously compromised. Have you had any dealings with Law Enforcement? I am assuming you belong to a generational cult. Do you know anyone you can live with or near in another state? From the sound of it, you are experiencing some serious problems and just in case you need to seek out Witness Protection, so this has me worried.

You need to be very careful as to who helps you. You should be getting help from a trained SRA therapist. They are the best. I have this from a friend that is SRA Victim. Also, others do not know what kind of information you can handle. It can create serious flashbacks from the past. Be very careful. @exposethecriminals @ESOTERICShade

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Wow Brandon, you have really put yourself out there. Thanks for sharing. Please stay safe, and I'm not sure what your religious beliefs are but if you're looking for higher protection start reading the Bible. Keep us updated on how you are doing!

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thank you very much! jesus christ is so real + with me everyday as is archangel michael + hundreds of other divine light beings. a more powerful psychic healer than i confirmed this for me a few weeks ago. ♥

i did not share my story for so long out of fear of being judged but once your life is on the line you give no fucks anymore. my grandmother who raised me was financially supporting me for a long time + i didn't want to rustle any trouble up + stop the money.

at this point in my life the money is not worth the mental + spiritual abuse, i shouldn't be surrounding myself with that toxicity anymore.

anyway, thank you for your comment ♥

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Simple test: Ask the spirits if Jesus Christ was born in the flesh and died for real and rose again in the flesh. That's the Biblical test of spirits and Angels.

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I can't imagine what you are going through with all of this and how you find to deal with it. I just have to tell you, that what you describe is not Jesus. This is another spirit. Jesus is founded on the truth of the written word of God, and anything psychic, and mediums, any light beings or other spirits are unlikely to be from God. You can only know by testing against God's word. We know that we're warned against going to mediums, and we're warned that Satan will disguise himself as a being of light. Both of these things send a big red flag with what you said. I write this because there is a real Jesus and a real peace that comes through him, but it's from him and him alone.

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You're welcome! I'm happy to hear you are doing what you need to do to heal and protect yourself!

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Thanks for sharing your story and prayers to you and your loved ones in Jesus' name!

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Hi there Brandon. Welcome to Voat! I am giving this an "Unverified" flair because we have no way of corroborating your story and do get a lot of shills making fake posts in here, so that is our policy. It's no judgement of you, personally, just the way we handle survivor tales that haven't been backed up with supporting information like police reports or news articles or that kind of thing.

There are many survivors here. I hope you find it a great place to talk with others. :-)

One word of warning...there are also nefarious characters who are paid to be here to sow distrust and confusion. We only ban those who violate the subverse and Voatwide rules due to the Voat commitment to free speech, so it's difficult to stop them. They often groom new users via private message where the old timers on this board can't see and call out their BS, so we recommend staying vigilant and keeping conversations public as much as possible where others can watch your back.

Thanks for contributing. :-)

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You are a complete idiot. You promoted Q even though nobody knows who is behind it. You promoted it and Stickied it. You promoted that sealed indictments were going to lead to massive arrest. Where are the arrest and unsealed indictments Vindy? You are discredited. And how would you verify an SRA victim? Explain.

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You promoted Q even though nobody knows who is behind it.

Disinfo. There has been massive evidence presented by Q showing he is working directly with Trump. I have made posts showing this, @srayzie has made posts showing this and others have made posts showing this.

Where are the arrest and unsealed indictments Vindy? You are discredited.

In your dreams, Death. I put the list in the sidebar along with the link to the human trafficking arrest list so that we can all keep track of whether the claims made by Trump, Q, Bannon, Steve Pieczenik, and Assange bear fruit. Wanna try to explain how my making this easy for people to track "discredits" me?

And how would you verify an SRA victim? Explain.

I fully explained in the comment I made when I left the flair, Death. Which part don't you understand?

@think- @ben_matlock @EricKaliberhall

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Thank you for letting others know that angels are real. You are loved and I am grateful for you. You are about to do some very important work...I can feel it

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Hi Brandon. I hope that you have some kind of support system in place that you can trust. Going public on a site like this with videos on your website is one good move to get your story publicized and hopefully dissuade any malefactors to show their hand. You are blessed to have Faith as a support. We'll keep you in our prayers.

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You sound like you are overwhelmed and lack support. I am asking God to send you strength and the people you need to move forward in a life that is not filled with fear. I hope you will find a way to be safe. We all keep talking about needing people to come forward but the biggest thing lacking is a support system and way to keep them safe. Perhaps you should think about being part of a movement that provides that for fellow victims. Whatever you do, value your life. You didn't make it here to let them take you out.

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