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The Vatican is one of the owners of the IRS along with the International bankers led by Rothschild and the British Crown. They are the controllers that governments work for. Our government was dissolved march 9th, 1933 via the emergency banking act. Our national parks were given to the United Nations through the Unesco scam. All nature preserves are given to the UN and are no long our property. The government then surrendered their gold to the international bankers, and they collateralized the citizens by giving us a social security number and making us corporate fiction by putting our birth certificates in all capital letters. The Vatican and the International bankers cannot be touched, our government is paid by them. Remember, the controllers pay the politicians, not the citizens. Income tax goes to the private IRS. they pocket all except what they put aside to pay tax refunds, pay government officials and fund the IRS. Trump is the CEO of USA INC, he is theirs and our government is a corporation. No, the Vatican is not in danger of ever facing justice. No they don't punish their minions for their PG work.