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Everything on the talmudvision is mind poison. Stop watching this shit. Stop talkin gabout it.

Go do something wholesome, and useful.

Grow a garden.


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Hear Hear!


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Was watching this show Santa Clarita diet. The first joke on the opening scene is of a couple in bed, the female referencing having sex "you mean like how that dog humped that little girls leg at rite aid". And they are too specific about how they would get rid of crime scene evidence for a not serious type show. They say it all in one sentence like its an instructional or something.. They reference being at a crime scene making sure there are no cameras, bleaching the blood, leaving the victims car, getting a storage locker, getting a freezer. Phones apparently save the voicemails unless they are crappy cheap phones. And they can trace sim cards..


[–] elitch2 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

Just stop watching shows, man.

Seriously, go yell at niggers or something for entertainment.