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Everything on the talmudvision is mind poison. Stop watching this shit. Stop talkin gabout it.

Go do something wholesome, and useful.

Grow a garden.

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Hear Hear!

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Was watching this show Santa Clarita diet. The first joke on the opening scene is of a couple in bed, the female referencing having sex "you mean like how that dog humped that little girls leg at rite aid". And they are too specific about how they would get rid of crime scene evidence for a not serious type show. They say it all in one sentence like its an instructional or something.. They reference being at a crime scene making sure there are no cameras, bleaching the blood, leaving the victims car, getting a storage locker, getting a freezer. Phones apparently save the voicemails unless they are crappy cheap phones. And they can trace sim cards..

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Just stop watching shows, man.

Seriously, go yell at niggers or something for entertainment.

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Hmm, i used to like rick and Morty, but the more i learn about this shit the more im starting to shy away from it. The shit in this link IS really fucked up, cartoon or not.

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yup same here. And honestly thinking on it now. Its funny sure... but also always depressing if ya think about it.

you never leave an episode feeling good about anything. Its very nihilistic. Dont think ill actuslly miss it.

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How either of you could still support that pedofile after this is beyond comprehension. https://www.bitchute.com/video/xnQIwtDhxKQ6/

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That was a pretty fucked up cartoon. Makes you wonder where the inspiration comes from.

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You know they've killed kids before.

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But not funny at all.

R+M is kinda fucked, but also funny.

Why even make this 1000x shittier cartoon?

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TV is a waste of time. I have not stopped all together but am very choosy. We have cut the cable cord and no Netflix. We watch a lot of Travel and DYI shows on DVDs. It's hard to find anything we can watch and eat popcorn with. Sigh.

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If you don't mind subtitles, Korean Drama (Drama Fever) is what my family watches. The stories are entertaining. There isn't much smut and what sexual content there is, isn't shown, just alluded to. Laugh, cry, random dance/karaoke, and they all usually end with a wedding.

My husband and I watch an episode a night with our 3 yo. She is able to follow along and is starting to pick up Korean as well.

In case anyone wants some suggestions:

Another Oh Hae Young (hilarious romcom, considered one of the best) Goblin (fantasy, afterlife stuff) Miss Hammurabi (Korean SJW, but argues all points well) Jealousy Incarnate (another romcom) Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (comic book hero, violence similar to other violent Asian films so watch out if you have small ones)

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No children here. But I must say that my husband stuffs in some sports and that has been taking up some of our time now and it's driving me nuts. He has always loved baseball but now that football is starting he watches a little of that too on and off. This also upsets me because the sports have been taken over as well. All the owners are involved in this that we are researching as well. They are into trafficked children too. I am going to go back to my crafts and sewing. I like to make things for Christmas. Thanks for the tips, will suggest these things and see how they fly.

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'Straight-to-video' used to translate in people's minds to shitty acting, low quality and not worth your time. Somehow Netflix blurred the line with their 'originals' and got everyone to take shitty rushed acting, low budget no substance propagandized straight-to-platform shows and movies seriously as real productions. I haven't found an original on any of the streaming platforms that didn't give me this distinct feeling of very low effort.

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I know people that stay in the whole weekend binge watching garbage. Garbage with pedo actors. Nothing coming out of Pedowood but Garbage. Bad acting, violence, sex, normalizing. We never go to any movies. Not for years. People throwing their good money away. I don't get it.

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Seen his old blog?

CTRL+F 'I have sex with children'

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I had not seen this before. I see the URL saved says google drive. Was it not able to be directly archived off myspace?

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I'm not sure, exactly. Maybe that's just the way archive.is handles myspace archives? I nabbed the link from one of the chans a couple months ago when Harmon first popped up on people's radar.

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I cannot look at the link, as I know it would make me sick. I've been reading about people like Dan Harmon on CDAN. I wish God would smite these people. God help anyone who is trying to raise children in this environment.

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There's a part where a pedophile king of some people dies, and someone finds some child porn pictures in his belongings. The village elder has the evidence burnt to preserve the king's memory.

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2012 "unbelievable Tales " about a guy skinning the face of a kid and then putting it on himself ..where have I seen that before recently ? Hillary huma ?

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