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Gilderoy, that rosary around his neck will not save this bag of bones when he gets to the Pearly Gates. I want to put my hands around his neck and am sure many are thinking the same. But that death is much too kind. Put him up on a cross like they did to Jesus and then stone him like they did Mary Magdalene. There is no punishment that is to harsh for this criminal child rapist. Bury them alive like they did the babies in Tuaim Ireland. A punishment has to be enforced, something that will put these old perverts in fear. I want to see them shiver and shake and be so frightened that they are scared to death. Then comes the punishment. They are not men of God, they are beholding to jorge the devil and the popes before him.

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That's why we have capital punishment and the Electric Chair. Civilized societies have to have a way to eliminate the worst of criminals and use their fate to deter others. Anti-Pope Bergoglio recently changed Catholic Church teaching to make the death penalty "inadmissible". He knows what is coming, I imagine.

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I want to see the 1st State of these United States come out and vote for the inclusion of these priests in the death penalty. If states have abolished the death penalty then let them be sentenced to the No Justice for Raping Priests Prison. There will be No Mercy There.

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The cognitive dissonance is absolutely horrifying. Abusing the symbols of the Faith and the power of the priesthood to perpetrate and cover their crimes is a separate grave crime in addition to the sexual abuse.

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I have said many times that the first ones that pedophiles groom are themselves. What we heard from this pervert is the Pedo Manifesto, imo. They hear nothing we say, this sicko thinks that the Lord Jesus will save him because he has a rosary around his neck. If this was not so sick, that would be laughable. I think it is his last attempt before he knows he will be cast into the Fires of Hell. He has spent his life raping children. Jesus will have no Mercy for this perverted pedophile.

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Sexual abuse and spiritual abuse. It's horrid