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Catholics didn't elect Bergoglio, it was the Vat II mob that forced the Church to back down on it's 2000 year old beliefs in the name of "ecumenical outreach" and who are in control: Jews converted to Catholics, Jewish sympathizers, pro Communists and Freemasons. see Maurice Pinay's book

Make the Church back down on one thing to create doubt and chaos, alter the makeup of the clergy to sow distrust. @carmencita


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The Vatican II mob has been in power since Pope John Paul II. I don't think the Freemasons or Communists control the Vatican. I think they facilitate and support them to an extent and have allowed them in through feminism and multi-culturalism. I think the most prevalent thing is Zionism and Hebraism in the Vatican.

The Vatican used to be the faction that stood up against the evils of Zionism to the greatest extent. That is why I love it in a certain manner. I think though when the Church's canon became corrupted, Concilliarism was undone, Monasticism shoved to the other side, it could not formulate anything beyond an Augustinian Soteriology, it put too much emphasis on Ecclesiology and Church structure over reforming and cleaning up its dogmatic and doctrinal core to a lesser extent and the theological underpinnings behind it, and then declared the Pope infallible created all kinds of issues.

I don't think this negates the Catholic Church, being one True, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church, but I am sort of a Unitarian so I do not see it as the upper echelon in truth, but rather as truth in development and process over an evolutionary trek and that it can err and corrode in the long-term.


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Verbatim memories from inside staff written up in this book on the Vatican: written by Franco Bellegrandi: Chamberlain of the Sword and the Cape of His Holiness, journalist, 5 years spent under Roncalli (Pope John 23rd)

"he was told by his interlocutor, between a puff and another at the scented smoke of his big pipe, that “the nunciature of Paris was working in great secret to reconcile the Catholic Church with Freemasonry.” It was 1950! This episode seems to expose the connivance of Roncalli with Freemasonry."

He told me, driving me home, that “…The next Pope would not be Siri, as it was murmured in some Roman circles, because he was too authoritarian a cardinal. They would elect a Pope of conciliation. The choice has already fallen on the patriarch of Venice Roncalli. “Chosen by whom?” I rejoined surprised. “By our Masonic representatives in the Conclave,” responded placidly my kind escort. And then it escaped me:
”There are freemasons in the Conclave?” “Certainly,” was the reply, “the Church is in our hands.” I rejoined perplexed: “Who, then, is in charge in the Church?” After a brief pause, the voice of my escort uttered precisely: “No one can say where the upper echelons are. The echelons are occult"

"Roncalli long time advocate of the worker, aided in labor strikes in Italy, France when he was Nuncio, when he was Patriarch of Venice had the Communist Party manifestos printed with church monies. Was alleged to have been a member of the "Rose Cross" (Rosicrucian) group as Apostalic Legate in Bulgaria and Greece; as Papal Nuncio in Paris after the war, had a secretary who stated that the Nuncio was going to "reconcile the Masons and the Catholic Church. Roncalli approved the appointment of a 33 degree Mason (Baron Marsaudon) to be Minister of the Order of Malta. "