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What should this tell us?

A pair of VH-3D “White Top” helicopters, referred to as Marine One while the President is on-board and used exclusively for White House executive airlifts, moved the Pope from JFK International to the Manhattan’s Wall Street heliport early this evening.

This is what we are up against.

The Swiss Guard’s first major engagement, and the one that proved the force’s dedication and abilities, occurred on May 6th, 1527. Emperor Charles V’s soldiers were in the process of sacking Rome when they attempted to invade Saint Peter’s Basilica. There the comparatively tiny Swiss Guard force held back a massive onslaught long enough for Pope Clement VII to escape through a half-mile long secret passageway inside the Passetto di Borgo, to Castel Sant’Angelo, a large fortress nearby. He held out for eight days before surrendering, and lived to talk about it. Nearly 150 of the 189 guards serving at the time gave their lives to see that the Pope survived.

Who will take this on? Idk know, but it scares me to death.


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Me, too. I think we're about to see some really apocalyptic events. If the internet breaks down soon, know that all of you are in my thoughts and prayers. Love to you all. You are the bravest, strongest, toughest people I know.


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You have just made me realize that the break down of the internet is a real possibility. He can make it happen. If they find him no real truth will want to be told. I am hoping for Witness Protection of some sort. I have to agree with you the bravest, strongest, toughest. Let us all pray for his safety and for ours.