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I am praying for Abp. Vigano's safety. This man has the Courage of 1K men. I know that he knew what his accusations against the pope would unleash. The Rabid Dog of the Vatican. I am hoping someone will be able to take Vigano into some type of Witness Protection Program or Asylum. Please pray, for the fury of jorge bergoglio has no bounds. He has wormed his way to the top as the ruler of the RCC through lying, crime and who knows what else. We should fear for the life of Vigano. They came for Malachi Martin and his friends said he was found with wooden stakes in his neck. Our Father who art in heaven........We are pleading for the life of Abp. Vigano.

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AMEN! This godly man chose good over evil. He already has Eternal Life. The Lord will keep him on the earth as long as he needs to. Perhaps Jeff Sessions is protecting him? We do have diplomatic relations with the Vatican....

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The problem is that the pope can request our help to chase him down. I hope we are on the right side with this. I am hoping he has friends that will keep him safe but they surely do not have the equipment and arms that the pope's army has. This is scaring me to death. I am praying and praying yesterday and today. I have Special Prayers planned for today. I hope to God you are right.

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churchmilitant - https://archive.is/deBfi

wiki - https://archive.is/Iwrz6

christogenia - https://web.archive.org/web/20180817142401/https://christogenea.org/system/files/resources/PlotAgainstTheChurchComplete.pdf

shroud - https://archive.is/aJ0fX

foxtrotalpha - https://web.archive.org/web20180614041938/http://foxtrotalpha.jalopnik.com/the-pope-has-a-small-but-deadly-army-of-elite-warriors-1733268646

freerepublic - https://archive.is/BRcxZ

angelaqueen - https://archive.is/xnPqR

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Thanks! :-)

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I have found 2 other sites reporting this. But they are small. We need to make sure this goes viral. The pope should be outed as a hunter of a Holy Man, which he is not.



I am not on other sites and do not blog elsewhere, but please, those that do, please spread the word.

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Thanks for the additional links, carm.

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YW, Well, I just want people to know we must spread this around.

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If anything, with the release of the Grand Jury and all else that has transpired, including jorge the devil scouring the earth for Vigano, it has only strengthened my faith.

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They are trying to control things far too much and being vulnerable should be the first thing they should be doing rather then sneaking around things and beating around the bush and creating a perimeter around which to manipulate the public and enforce their will. This testifies to how tyrannical the Vatican has become.

They are not helping themselves and only proving themselves to be extremely, extremely corrupt. I feel bad for Catholics, because they deserve better. They should never have elected a Jesuit Latin American as Pope. Never. Its just bad for business and why this is all happening.

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They should never have elected a Jesuit Latin American as Pope.

Unfortunately, lay Catholics have no say in the selection of bishops, cardinals or the pope. Or even of their parish priests, for that matter. This is a governance structure that goes back to the Roman Empire...all the plebs can do is riot in the streets.

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Why should they be allowed to? I think the Catholic Church's rigid structuralism is not only going to get them, but get them hard with all the deconstructive madness they have embraced. I think this is what happens when you ground your truth as the only truth and it becomes very troublesome to say the least.

Its hard to do this kind of stuff and why a certain kind of "Unitarian Nietszcheanism" is needed to at least put things in context for not only the individual, but also family and group structures in society. The main question is does God exist and does the current standing of Christianity have validity.

It seems Jesus existed, although some question it, which makes it very difficult to say. What do you think of Anslem's Ontological Proof? I have looked through others and they are not that convincing. God of the Gaps argument is about as stupid as it gets and Pascal's Wager is fraudulent and a way to send you broke.

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Catholics didn't elect Bergoglio, it was the Vat II mob that forced the Church to back down on it's 2000 year old beliefs in the name of "ecumenical outreach" and who are in control: Jews converted to Catholics, Jewish sympathizers, pro Communists and Freemasons. see Maurice Pinay's book


Make the Church back down on one thing to create doubt and chaos, alter the makeup of the clergy to sow distrust. @carmencita

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The Vatican II mob has been in power since Pope John Paul II. I don't think the Freemasons or Communists control the Vatican. I think they facilitate and support them to an extent and have allowed them in through feminism and multi-culturalism. I think the most prevalent thing is Zionism and Hebraism in the Vatican.

The Vatican used to be the faction that stood up against the evils of Zionism to the greatest extent. That is why I love it in a certain manner. I think though when the Church's canon became corrupted, Concilliarism was undone, Monasticism shoved to the other side, it could not formulate anything beyond an Augustinian Soteriology, it put too much emphasis on Ecclesiology and Church structure over reforming and cleaning up its dogmatic and doctrinal core to a lesser extent and the theological underpinnings behind it, and then declared the Pope infallible created all kinds of issues.

I don't think this negates the Catholic Church, being one True, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church, but I am sort of a Unitarian so I do not see it as the upper echelon in truth, but rather as truth in development and process over an evolutionary trek and that it can err and corrode in the long-term.

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Unbelievable events. The Vatican, however, continues with its old play book of shooting the messenger. I imagine Abp Vigano has even more damning stuff which they want to get their hands on, or they want to shut him up permanently. I think they have to personally hand him a letter with their claims before they can suspend him. That is why bad priests often fled from dioceses before a bishop can personally confront them.

In other news, George Neumayr is reporting that Cardinal Wuerl has banned him from the premises of the Cathedral in Washington.

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What should this tell us?

A pair of VH-3D “White Top” helicopters, referred to as Marine One while the President is on-board and used exclusively for White House executive airlifts, moved the Pope from JFK International to the Manhattan’s Wall Street heliport early this evening.

This is what we are up against.

The Swiss Guard’s first major engagement, and the one that proved the force’s dedication and abilities, occurred on May 6th, 1527. Emperor Charles V’s soldiers were in the process of sacking Rome when they attempted to invade Saint Peter’s Basilica. There the comparatively tiny Swiss Guard force held back a massive onslaught long enough for Pope Clement VII to escape through a half-mile long secret passageway inside the Passetto di Borgo, to Castel Sant’Angelo, a large fortress nearby. He held out for eight days before surrendering, and lived to talk about it. Nearly 150 of the 189 guards serving at the time gave their lives to see that the Pope survived.

Who will take this on? Idk know, but it scares me to death.

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Me, too. I think we're about to see some really apocalyptic events. If the internet breaks down soon, know that all of you are in my thoughts and prayers. Love to you all. You are the bravest, strongest, toughest people I know.

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You have just made me realize that the break down of the internet is a real possibility. He can make it happen. If they find him no real truth will want to be told. I am hoping for Witness Protection of some sort. I have to agree with you the bravest, strongest, toughest. Let us all pray for his safety and for ours.

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