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Not only that, but Paul is the second Paul from a look-a-like contest as per George Harrison. First one died in a car crash. Someone was playing with the truth either way you look at it, no?

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The man calling himself Sir Paul McCartney was playing the role of Paul McCartney as early as October 63 on Ready Steady Go. See my posts at the bottom of this thread.

[–] YogSoggoth 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

I just made a comment that I thought everyone knew about, and obviously they did not. George Harrison said that he died in a car crash and admitted it before he died. Why would I get so many people interested in what I know about that, all of the sudden? Strange to me, as I typed it as falling asleep. Perhaps I have hit a nerve unintentionally. I am going back on attack mode now, after being mellow for a while.

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This is not proven, or even evidenced well enough for me.

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Me either. I bid you goodnight.

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When did George say that?

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Some article I read before the internet got so censored. Plenty of crumbs and outright lies though. October 22, 1969: Beatle Paul McCartney denies rumours ... - BT Paul McCartney denied that he had died in a 1966 car crash - rumours fuelled by 'clues' on the cover of the Abbey Road LP - in an interview with the BBC. The cult television programme Star Trek ... Search domain He said it right before he died I believe.