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They all did. The last time the real Beatles were seen together was arriving at Wellington airport on June 21st 1964 - if they were killed on that day it would have been a solstice sacrifice.

They were replaced by look alikes that had been posing as them since at least October 1963 in TV shows, concerts and public appearances. This period covered the first visit to the USA and the Beatlemania phenomenon, which was a manufactured psyop.

The last album to feature the real Beatles on the cover was "With The Beatles" - the one where their faces are in half-shadow, and the first album to feature the the replacements was "A Hard Days Night" - the movie to which contains both groups of men. The real Beatles couldn't have been around to see the release of the album or move because they would have blown the cover. They knew they had doubles posing as them, but were told it was for security reasons - probably had to sign the official secrets act.

What makes this pizzagate related is Jimmy Savile was a major player in their murder and the subsequent cover-up. The replacements were probably brought up the ranks of freemasonry by committing human sacrifices, hence Aleister Crowley on Sgt Pepper.

There is so much more to find out about this conspiracy, but there is also a red herring "conspiracy theory" that Paul died in 1966 and the other band members agreed to have a double take his place. This is to make people look at comparisons of Paul between 64 and 66 - essentially comparing images of the same man.

This sacrifice and the sacrifice of JFK - if you connect all the dots - is what paved the way for 9/11 and pizzagate.


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Want to believe, source?


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There are no real sources for this. Everything that people investigate gets lost in the "Paul is dead" (PID) conspiracy theory subculture - which is full of shills and censorship.

I have only known about PID since the beginning of the year, when I was investigating the death of Heather O'Rourke which took me to this message board

I quickly realised that the man calling himself Sir Paul McCartney was operating before the 1966 date when he was supposed to have replaced the real Paul.

I then set about trying to find the earliest time he posed as Paul and the last time Paul was seen. As I watched a lot of media I noticed differences in the other Beatles, so I just tried to observe which ones were which. I noticed that both groups did shows at the same concert venue and clips of both groups were edited into a seamless whole.

One of the best pieces of evidence, which I have shown to family members - and convinced them - is a couple of videos from the 1964 and 1965 NME awards shows. Here are the two videos. When "Can't Buy Me Love" finishes on the first video, (64) immediately swith to the second video

Please not that clips of the replacements are edited into the first video, but that one contains the real Beatles. The second video are all imposters.

There is a lot more to this event and I think Ian Fleming was also killed around the same time so his James Bond novels could be used for psychological operations. The next Bond movie after The Beatles were killed was Thunderball which has an identity replacement scene in it.

Not only that, so much of our popular culture tells us about this event but paints it as something else - Bowie's song Ziggy Stardust is about the Beatles being replaced and then broken up "srewed up eyes and screwed down hairdo" is a reference to both Pauls having crowns that part the opposite way and what the controllers had to do to make them look the same.


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I think that gave me a tumour.


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There are no real sources for this.

See above. It’s brilliant.


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So they all died? Fascinating id never heard this version before but it would make sense