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The Beatles had Aleister Crowley on the Sgt. Pepper album cover, so their fondness for Satanism and paedophilia is well known. Moreover, A CDAN blind item (revealed in February of this year) stated that George Harrison regularly travelled to a country (likely India) to rape underage girls.

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I alwas loved the Beatles... but their connection with the occult makes me sad.

Here is the Sergerant Pepper cover mirrored..


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All your favorite bands have connections to the occult. Name any band, any one of them.

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Yes, and don't forget the album cover with the mutilated baby dolls.

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Paul re-published a Crowley book called the Winged Beetle in the 70’s. See where his band names came from now? Wings? Beatles?


Aka scarab, you can see a winged beetle on that new solo cover too.

Also reminder that the Beatles were transgender women like most of your favorite bands, and John and George’s deaths were faked.

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Not only that, but Paul is the second Paul from a look-a-like contest as per George Harrison. First one died in a car crash. Someone was playing with the truth either way you look at it, no?

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The man calling himself Sir Paul McCartney was playing the role of Paul McCartney as early as October 63 on Ready Steady Go. See my posts at the bottom of this thread.

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This is not proven, or even evidenced well enough for me.

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When did George say that?

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udiscovermusic - https://archive.fo/QVeR1

freemasonrywatch - https://archive.is/4djN2

remnantradio - https://archive.is/cAkxc

masonicdictionary - https://archive.is/zkttR

kisspng - https://archive.is/hJH5H

stereogum - https://archive.is/AvCib

abovetopsecret - https://archive.is/h4ncD

themasonictrowel - https://archive.is/vJv6H

walkerart - https://archive.is/Pn2dU

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paul hangs out with david geffen on his yacht

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So does Jared kushner’s brother.

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Paul McCartney sucks. Really bad. I hate his music and I hate the Beatles. It's like non-music. It makes me feel nothing.

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iirc McCartney was the one who got murdered and replaced with an agent, yes?

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They all did. The last time the real Beatles were seen together was arriving at Wellington airport on June 21st 1964 - if they were killed on that day it would have been a solstice sacrifice.

They were replaced by look alikes that had been posing as them since at least October 1963 in TV shows, concerts and public appearances. This period covered the first visit to the USA and the Beatlemania phenomenon, which was a manufactured psyop.

The last album to feature the real Beatles on the cover was "With The Beatles" - the one where their faces are in half-shadow, and the first album to feature the the replacements was "A Hard Days Night" - the movie to which contains both groups of men. The real Beatles couldn't have been around to see the release of the album or move because they would have blown the cover. They knew they had doubles posing as them, but were told it was for security reasons - probably had to sign the official secrets act.

What makes this pizzagate related is Jimmy Savile was a major player in their murder and the subsequent cover-up. The replacements were probably brought up the ranks of freemasonry by committing human sacrifices, hence Aleister Crowley on Sgt Pepper.

There is so much more to find out about this conspiracy, but there is also a red herring "conspiracy theory" that Paul died in 1966 and the other band members agreed to have a double take his place. This is to make people look at comparisons of Paul between 64 and 66 - essentially comparing images of the same man.

This sacrifice and the sacrifice of JFK - if you connect all the dots - is what paved the way for 9/11 and pizzagate.

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Want to believe, source?

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I think that gave me a tumour.

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So they all died? Fascinating id never heard this version before but it would make sense

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No shock here, the Beatles were throwing up the hand signs and symbolism on their albums back in the day. John was the good one, that is why he is dead. Paul has always been for his own glory.

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John was not the good one. They were all born into masonry and were switched genders. The beatles are all women, their kids, spouses, and parents switched too. This is the dirty masonic secret aside from pedophilia. John’s death was faked. Mark David Chapman was a mason crisis actor.

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This is really sad. They are all sickos. Evil Satanic Perverted Sickos. One of the songs is Come Onto Me. Not Come Unto Me. I don't want to idolize any group or one performer, But God, are there none left that we can enjoy? Sad.

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You have to remember that a lot of the songs that you like were outright stolen from (?). If a particular song were to make money by the ones who stole it, they would indeed off the original composer if confronted with lawsuit. So much for the easy life of being a musician. Think, easily replaced.

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Killing the real composers. Source?

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Both industries need to be totally cleaned out. Just like the RCC. From top to bottom. But people are so hooked on their favorites. I agree that the Paul in the 1st video is the real one. The other one is the fake. I really noticed a much larger difference in John. Paul's chin was out of wack and the hair. But I would never have believed it then.

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I believe this information will become public in the near future. It would seem the problem is far greater and way beyond just Hollywood. It's pretty scary to think people do this. When it's reveled, expect a ton of suicides and people going off the rails. Some will refuse to accept the truth and stay blind forever, the worst fate...

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